ipad and maschine hardware version compatibility

Hi guys 

I am thinking of making the jump into traktor for ipad with a kontrol s2 or s3 mk3. I was wondering which ipads are compatible? is it just the m1 based ipads that don't have compatibility with traktor dj 2? another thing, I have a maschine mark 1 and I was thinking if there was a creative way I could use it for live mixes? is it possible to link the maschine up with ipad and s2 or s3? I don't have an ipad yet or the kontrol, so I am just trying to plan out which I think might work best? one other thing I am considering about it is that I may possibly get myself a vinyl turntable as I have a lot of vinyl I wish to digitize but also I thought it might be fun to perhaps use it as another deck if possible? but this isn't possible with either the s2 or s3 right?



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