Maschine plus - several feature requests

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Some time before, there was a place to put user feature requests, i can't find it now so i wrote it here.

1. I still consider that arp (note repeat) settings should be personal for each pad (1-16).

2. When using note arp (note repeat) it linked to 1st beat and quantized . As result you can't play weak beat in arp mode and play freely in your own swing feeling.

3. Also i can't just hold one pad that contains fm8 and get both hands free to mess with fm8 sound experiments, for example.


  • ozon
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    Regarding #3: You can latch the Arp.

    Maschine Plus Manual Page 141:

    HOLD (Button 3) Allows the notes played by the arpeggiator to be latched. This means the pads can be released and the arpeggiated notes will continue to play.

    Press Button 3 (HOLD) again to stop the arpeggiator.

  • miknik
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    Thanks for advise. I meant just hold the sound played on after finger released pad, not arp functionality.

  • Derek N
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    When using an audio interface on maschine+ standalone, is there a way to only use the input channels from the audio interface and have the output go through the internal device? I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible right know and was hoping this could be a future update.

    Also, being able to use two audio interface at the same time since there’s two usb A ports on the back would be nice.

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