Pattern player needs an "Apply" button when changing patterns

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At the moment if pattern player is playing and you make a change to the pattern it happens immediately. IMHO it needs an "apply" button so you can select a different beat pattern/pitch/sound/whatever then change to the newly selected patterns when you're ready. That allows you to scroll through the patterns etc, pick one that's going to fit then drop it in when you want rather than hearing each variation live.

-- Mike


  • zephry
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    You can preview the pattern on a muted channel via the headphone cue.

  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 1,174 mod

    Yes, but then you still have to change the settings on the playing deck while it's live. For example, you're playing a standard 4 beat on the kick and you want to change to a snare on the offbeat. You can't change them both at the same time. Ok, you could duplicate the track to a spare deck, set up the new pattern on that then switch the playing deck, but an apply button would be easier to use. Probably not that easy to program though!

  • zephry
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    I get what you mean.

    I haven't really messed much with it. For me things like the remix decks or pattern player have been more of a planned and practiced Dj set technique.

    I have thought of the pattern player as more of a noise fill for transitions and less interesting tracks to keep some energy.

    An apply button would be good.

  • Jaheid19
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    Idk about this one

  • Stevan
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    The "Pattern snapshot save/load" command would do. We also can do this by mapping effect patameters directly to some buttons or keys.

  • zephry
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    I haven't tried mapping parameters yet for this.

    Lol. I keep forgetting it is there.

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