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  • Diam
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    You are most welcome. The online community has helped me a lot, so only right that I shared the love.

  • Diam
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    Updated NKS for MODO BASS 2, with updated banks, sub banks and previews courtesy of Mercury. I have removed the 'Classic' tab as it is now categorised as 'Legacy' in the banks menu.

    As before, no macro control option for this one (an IK Multimedia thing it seems), but all the rest is in order.

    Thanks again to Mercury for his edits.


  • Kymeia
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    I'm hearing 2.8.0 is now in Native Access - this is the version with VST3 and Apple Silicon support. Yay!

    Anyway I made a bunch of test templates I am happy to share now, mainly for VST3 only plugins (but also some new releases with VST3 and 2 but VST3 being preferred on Mac) - I've now shunted them to the NKS user library under VST3 NKS Plugins:

    These include:


    Equator 2

    Surge XT


    Padshop 2


    GForce SEM VST3


    Quanta 2


    Delta V Spacecraft (instrument and effect versions)

    Korg OPSix Native and Wavestate Native

    Noise Engineering Freequel Bundle

    Waves CRe8 Sampler

    Note unfortunately not all presets from VST2 NKS plugins work in the VST3 - Komplete Kontrol now supports 'migration' at the host end but this also needs to be supported at the developer end. Some such as AAS, UVI, Plugin Alliance, iZotope, Valhalla, Sugarbytes and Vital seem to manage it but others including Spectrasonics (on Mac at least), u-he, Arturia and several others are yet to implement migration in their plugins. This means for those you will still need the VST2 versions (which on Apple Silicon means running in Rosetta mode - but this doesn't seem to be a problem)

    Obviously this also applies to Maschine

  • Christos Adamos
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    It's finally done! Perhaps the most impressive step in recent years for NI. I'm also looking forward to doing some testings. Thanks Kymeia for the important info!

  • JesterMgee
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    In my tests, Spectrasonics all worked with VST3 using the NKS libraries I made. I'll be retesting things again plugin by plugin and should be able to manually update libraries that don't work with their VST3 counterpart but no guarantee VST3 will work with every library, some plugins have no VST3 option.

  • Kymeia
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    edited October 2022

    Not on my Mac unfortunately - at least if I remove the Omnisphere VST2 I just get a plugin not found message

    Unfortunately Padshop (and Halion) are also buggy in the latest KK on my system but NI are aware of this

  • Kymeia
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    edited October 2022

    Yes it is and shows KK has a good future I think (hopefully next steps will be modern GUI and proper FX support)

    My templates are for control only - so no presets or previews yet (though they do have thumbnails and database integration files) - to me control is my priority though

  • paulyminogue
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    edited October 2022

    Hey, I have the same issue here. All Omnisphere, Arturia, Cherry Audio, GForce, Lethal Audio, Spire, Electra2, U-He, Avenger, Serum, Nexus, Martinic etc. have problems with the VST2 - VST3 Migration... on my Mac M1.

    I can't load them with the new Maschine 2.16 Update 😪

    That means now we have to wait for the Manufactures again or?

    EDIT: When I open KK in Rosetta Mode the Third Party "VST2" VST´s are working.

  • Kymeia
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    edited October 2022

    In the short term this means either running in Rosetta (which isn't causing me any problems) and loading the VST2 version still or accepting KK is able to load the VST3 versions in native mode but not migrate NKS presets saved from some VST2 plugins and using it as primarily a controller, not preset librarian, until migration is working for all. I think NI have pulled off an amazing job transitioning to VST3, it was always a complex challenge, and the fact that so many third party plugins do migrate, even non NKS partners like Valhalla, UVI and Vital, is amazing. However much of this is up to the third party developers now.

  • Vagus
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    I may have a way to migrate VSTShell presets to base VST - but it might be a couple of weeks away. Doing some testing on this next week, I hope.

    But also, good work NI!

  • Peter Kilgour
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    None of my user plugins work (Spectrasonics, U-He and Cherry Audio), at least none of the presets.

    "Dreamsynth could not be loaded, as it may not support Apple Silicon or VST2 to VST3 migration"

  • Diam
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    Thanks for the templates. Got the Padshop and Korg templates working fine. Mapping is the tough part so that's really helpful.

  • Kymeia
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    edited October 2022

    Best to see Apple Silicon support as a work in progress. This is a significant step forwards and we should not underestimate the difficulty involved here for NI in getting this far. However many plugins don't support Apple silicon at all yet, let alone plugin migration, and even some flagship NI plugins like Reaktor are still to be converted so for me there are only 2 choices, either accept in the short term KK still needs to be run in Rosetta and keep some VST2 plugins on the system (while urging developers to get on board with migration) or go full native and do without some NKS presets and plugins for a while, just using KK as a controller interface for the plugins that work - which now includes a whole bunch of new VST3 only plugins like Plasmonic - which is for me the most exciting thing in all of this.

  • Eight4aWish
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    Having shut almost everyone out of the beta there is now a huge amount of work to be done converting old presets. It would have been nice to have had a head start. I am starting with A and Abyss. KK feels very quick running M1 native so this will be quicker the second time around.

  • Diam
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    Would have been nice to see multi support in this one, but hopefully they will do it before the next major overhaul of the platform.

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