DJ Techtools Chroma knobs and Traktor S4Mk3

Diana 27
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At enormous expense I bought the "correct" DJ Techtools tools knobs for my S4 Mk3.

My advice, don't bother, go online and get some Chinesium Chroma knobs off ebay. The Dj Techtools knobs don't fit properly i.e they simply do not go down on the pot shaft all the way, and I mean every knob, not just the odd one.

The Chinesium ones are a lot easier to get on or off, fit flush down into the pot recess AND are cheaper too - just make sure they are for NI controllers.



  • Ejub Petrovac
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    Could you please leave some link for the ones that you bought? I searched on eBay but couldn't find them. Thanks in advance!

  • Karlos Santos
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't doubt you but it is very odd. I have DJTechTools ChromaCaps on every single NI controller I have (11 controllers) and I can honestly say I have never had an issue. They once sent me the wrong knobs for my Z2 (the D was in the wrong place) but they sent the correct ones out in a heartbeat.

    I will say, they can be stiff, but they've never been a real problem.

    Maybe this is a bad batch? Did you get in touch with DJTechTools about this? I'm sure they would rectify but for you. They are a great bunch over there.


  • Wyley
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    I'm pretty sure they would of sent new ones free of charge.

  • Karlos Santos
    Karlos Santos Member Posts: 136 Pro

    They did. My point was they were quick to remedy the issue.

  • Stevan
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    Hi! This is Stevan from DJ TechTools webstore chat. If you have searched for the recommended kit on Chroma Caps web page, you can notice the there is a not about slight gap under the EQ knobs - as the image from the above illustrates.

    I just replaced one only to show how big is the gap exactly.

  • Diana 27
    Diana 27 Member Posts: 4 Member

    In answer to all these comments!

    They Dj Techtools chroma caps are the correct caps. They do not fit to my liking, some are extremely stiff to get on and off.

    This is the ebay item number 283897742938, they are not too tight or too loose, they have a bigger skirt than Dj Techtools caps and fit nicely in the recess and the price is pretty cool too.

    I'm also seeing fader caps too from China, the DJ Tachtools fader caps do fit properly, I can give them the thumbs up!

    The Chinese caps also come a lot quicker than advertised.

    Have a nice day :-)

  • DJ_DichOtomy
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    I use the DJ Tech Tools Chroma caps and I have no issues. I think they're just swell.😊 And the folks at DJ Tech Tools are super nifty 😁

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