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Dear NI Community,

I have been working with MASCHINE MK2 and the software for many years. The integration is a lot of fun. I love it!

However, I miss three small adjustments that e.g. Cubase but also Premiere Pro, After Effects (video editing software) have.

Here are my wishes for the next update:

➡️ If you press and move the middle mouse wheel > You can navigate through the sequence like a "hand tool" like in Cubase or After Effects (Motion Graphics Software)

➡️ CTRL + middle mouse wheel >> Zoom in and out in the sequence

➡️ Last but not least and super helpful: A searchbar in the VST effects. I have a ton of VSTs like Waves, iZotope etc. a quick searchbar would be wonderful!

I hope my ideas are helpful. The adjustments shouldn't all be too difficult to implement. I'm sure many users will love receiving these small updates to speedup the workflow.

Thanks a lot!




  • Nico_NI
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    Thanks for sharing @delafex, we'll definitely note your ideas down and report it to our Maschine team.

  • Olihop
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    "A searchbar in the VST effects. I have a ton of VSTs like Waves, iZotope etc. a quick searchbar would be wonderful!"


  • Flexi
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    VST organising wouldn't go amiss either.

  • D-One
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    I really miss the middle mouse move thing, every single creative software I have from DAW's to illustration to video editing, 3d modeling, image editing, CAD, you name it... has it except Maschine.

    Oddly productivity focused mouses with side-scrolling features do work tho (MX Master for example)

    A plugin Search would be nice too. You can create your own patches then use search in the user lib, even add tags and such it's not that much work

    @delafex said:

    ➡️ CTRL + middle mouse wheel >> Zoom in and out in the sequence

    There is a shortcut for this, it's CMD+Up/Down (CTRL in windows probably).

    CMD+Shift+Mouse Scroll Wheel also works.

    The window that has zoom has to be active for it to work tho, MAS doesn't highlight it or have any sort of visual indication if it's active or not.

  • Triggi
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    Dear NI Team,

    i've only one wish since Maschine was born:

    i think it would be verry powerful to record all changes while performing a song with changing pattern/ scenes, muting sounds/ groups, tweaking fx and so on at the timeline. So i could create a whole arrangement "on the fly".

    I would pay for this feature! Maschine 3.x is comming🫣

  • tribepop
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    Yeah I would love a searchable VST option. I had to finally go into my preferences and start unchecking plugins that I hardly used just to clean up the list in Maschine and that has helped tremendously but I imagine not everyone wants to do that.

    Since we’re throwing out feature requests, I would love if there was an option to add an LFO or step-sequencer type thing to any knob that can be automated/modulated. So for example you could add this to a track’s volume knob to create fades or you could add the stepper to an automation lane and set parameters that automatically generate different automation curves (e.g. sweeps, fades, etc.) because drawing automation is a PITA and isn’t even possible on the M+.

  • SpencerTyler
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    This is a pretty neat little hack for recording Lock States into the arrangement. Not exactly what you're after but worth a shot.

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