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I'm wanting to get started into Kontakt scripting and have someone that can help. But they're asking questions I don't know the answer.

Is Kontakt scripting based on a certain scripting language or completely new and on its own?

Is there any classes that were made for this or Youtube the outlet for this?

I have these documents: Kontakt Creator Tools 1.4 Manual, Kontakt Factory Library Scripts Manual, Kontakt 3 manual with Scripting, KSP Manual, and KSP Reference Manual. Am I covered or is there more?

Thanks for any info that can be provided.


  • EvilDragon
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    KSP syntax borrows a decent amount from Pascal but is otherwise completely its own thing.

    There's a series of videos on Youtube made by David Healey (and there's a paid course by him too IIRC).

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    I'm wondering why pressing the KSP doesn't show tuning and you have to use the instruments to see it. Doesn't the KSP button precede all instruments. Like a primary global that affects all loaded instruments. As an example, suppose you have three instruments running and you want to stretch tune all of the notes. It seems you have to do it three times as it stands.

  • EvilDragon
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    KSP button in top right is the multiscript area. This is basically just a MIDI processor and doesn't have anything to do with instrument level stuff like tuning.

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