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Guitar Rig 6 UI lag on M1 Mac

Doc.Aux Member Posts: 12 Member
edited September 2022 in Guitar Rig & FX

Hey everyone,

I've finally been able to upgrade to GR6 and I'm able to carry on with a project I've been working on. However I've noticed that when I run Logic in native mode, the UI stutters really badly. Turning dials and deleting or adding components is incredibly slow and it makes using it tedious and frustrating. When I run in Rosetta it seems to work fine. GR6 just got updated to run natively on M1 Macs so I thought the performance would be great, so I don't understand why this is happening. Does anyone else have the same issue on any of their DAWs?


  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 352 mod

    Hi @Doc.Aux

    we have not seen this problem before. Could you please tell us which versions of Logic and macOS you are using?



  • Doc.Aux
    Doc.Aux Member Posts: 12 Member

    Hey @Eddie_NI,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It seems to be an on and off issue because it's somewhat working now. But I'm trying to see if I can recreate the problem. I use Logic Pro 10.7.4 and macOS Monterey 12.6, and in this current project, I have three instances of GR6 running. When I had the problem, I even tried increasing the buffer size to 1024 and it didn't make too much of a difference. Please let me know if you need any more info 💜

  • Doc.Aux
    Doc.Aux Member Posts: 12 Member

    @Eddie_NI Okay after a little bit of testing, I've noticed that using Control Room Pro causes the rest of my FX chain to have extreme fps drops when turning knobs. So it may be something to do with that module? In this Current FX chain, I'm using

    • Fuzz
    • Cry Wah
    • Plex
    • Control Room Pro
    • Tape Echo
    • Vintage Verb

    Even after removing some of the chain, there's still weird lag when adjusting knobs on my amp or any of the other components.

    Hope this helps!

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 352 mod

    Thanks, that information is very helpful. We will try to reproduce this issue here.

    One thing we noticed during testing Guitar Rig is that sometimes in order for the Apple Silicon version of a plugin to be used in Logic a complete restart of the computer was necessary. Before that Logic was still using the previously installed Intel version (via Rosetta).

    So could you please restart your computer (if you haven't already) to make sure you really get the Apple Silicon version of Guitar Rig.

    Do you happen to have any other DAWS (e.g. Ableton Live or Reaper) with which you could try to see if the problem occurs there as well?

  • Doc.Aux
    Doc.Aux Member Posts: 12 Member
    edited September 2022

    Thanks for the reply @Eddie_NI,

    I have restarted my Mac since updating GR6, but what I'll do is save my fx chain as a user preset then restart Logic Pro, then load every instance of GR6 back up to see if it's running better with control room pro. I have Ableton Live 10 Standard and Live 11 trial, so I'll try it there too and let you know if it happens there too.

    Edit: Okay restarted my Mac and removed every instance of GR from Logic and restarted Logic, then reopened it and loaded my custom preset. It seems like it's improved a bit, but I still notice some slight frame drops when moving any knobs with Control Room Pro loaded. In Ableton Live 11, the issue doesn't seem apparent. I'll keep testing and relay anything I discover

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