KOMPLETE NOW: share your reviews

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Have anybody used this?

Write about pros and contras. 'Cos I'v read very contradictory reviews. Thanks.



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    Let's see what any of the Komplete Now subscribers have to say... πŸ˜ƒ

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    Only 7 subscribers?

  • jakubpatok
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    Only 7 people subscribe? Why do you expose us like this? 🀨

    I only subscribe to it because I won a giveaway on the NI's Instagram page. I will probably resign once I will have to pay for it. It wouldn't make much sense for me to continue the subscription as I already own Komplete 13. NI recently have added several plugins that are not in Komplete 13, however, so it was nice that I could try them out.

    In general, I think it's an amazing (and constantly growing!) bundle so if one doesn't have any versions of Komplete, it's a good way to have some exciting plugins to use. One doesn't have to pay a big sum of money at once but immediately have a lot of great stuff like Massive X, Raum, and others. Nevertheless, personally I prefer paying once and don't bother later. Raum, for example, is 49,00 €. You can pay for it 49,00 € (or less if you have a voucher, for instance) and that's it. When you subscribe to Komplete NOW, in a way you constantly pay for the same plugin. Each month you pay 9,99 €. After 3 months, it already exceeds the price of Raum with a voucher, for instance. What I am trying to say is that you'll never really own the plugin. My free subscription period ends soon and well, I had a good time messing with Playbox and other interesting plugins but I'll be forced soon to render all the stuff I created with them into audio because they will disappear forever. The desision to subscribe or not subscribe should be based on what you already have and what you want to have. If you already own Komplete 13 and are only interested in one or two plugins from Komplete NOW - it is not worth it by any means. It is better to buy, for instance, Playbox, spend a bit more money at once and own it forever. If you decide to subscribe to Komplete NOW for one or two plugins only, you'll constantly pay for the same plugins basically - you never reallly own them and the money that you'll pay for them will for sure one day exceed their real value. The subscription is good for testing plugins (especially if you still have a free month available) or if you have no plugins from NI. But even then I think it is better to buy one of the Komplete bundles... I don't know what else to say - if anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 😁

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