Who else would like MIDI Learn functionality added to the Maschine+?

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I am interested in being able to control parameters for effects and instruments on my Maschine+ using MIDI CC's from an external sequencer. Currently I can send notes and Program Changes from my sequencer and set up all the mappings using the M+'s UI, but I can't use MIDI CC's because there is no way to assign them to specific parameters. I know there is a workaround of using Maschine's MIDI Learn functionality on the desktop and then saving the project onto the SD card, but it would be great to be able to do that directly from the Maschine+'s UI.

I sent an email to tech support and they said they would add it as a feature request, but it would help to get some traction of people talking about in on the forum as that's where developers check the most. So feel free to throw a +1 on here if it interests you.

I was thinking some kind of shift combo would work to flip in the M+ into MIDI Learn mode, then you would tap an encoder for the parameter you want to learn a CC to, then send a CC message from your external controller just like you would with the software.



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    Yes it would be so useful, it's really painful to do the mappings in the software and transfer the project files to the SD card.

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    What would also be nice is that the mapping is not only omni channel.

    I would like to be able to use different MIDI channels on my controller, it prevents me from creating advanced mappings

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    interesting to hear that while painful it's at least possible. doing this from the device (and with some way to differentiate between midi channels) would open up a lot of potential, and to be honest i was under the assumption that the M+ would be able to do this until i read the MIDI settings section of the user manual.

    i've been seriously considering buying a M+ lately, mainly because it's able to run reaktor patches - would be a shame if there was no way to map their parameters to some external faderbox or lemur/touchOSC template.

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    +1 to this. The fact that you have to create a whole project to set the parameters/macros seems totally silly. For example, why aren't the macro controls defaulted to an assignable CC by default? Then my external controller (Minilab 3) could default to those which are right next to my hand when I'm playing keys (just like the modwheel/pitchbend) - that's where you want to be adjusting things. You could easily build a template in any controller or midi device that mapped to the 8 focused encoder knobs by channel. Super easy. Seems weird that you can default notes in but nothing else.

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    Also, I just tested that workflow that you mentioned and it doens't really work. Try adding a device (like a Massive synth) doing the whole midi learn, saving, then opening it in M+ standalone. Massive won't even load cause it can't load it as a VST, so you have to replace the Massive device and then it blows away your mappings.

  • Peter Harris
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    You have to disable the VST3 for Massive (uncheck Massive.VST3) in the Preferences on the Maschine desktop software and then when you save a project that includes Massive, it should always use the Massive.VST version that will be compatible and open just fine in M+.

  • eyeyeyeye
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    +1 over. It’s crazy how much the M+ could open up if we could external midi cc control of parameters, so dreamy to think about. The simplest addition for the biggest improvement imo.

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    +1 for MIDI learning!

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    Apparently the same sad situation with Akai's MPC: No control of its parameters via MIDI CC and after the latest updates, MIDI learing is buggy. 😥

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    I added my +1… but I’m not really sure “people talking about in on the forum as that's where developers check the most”… I frankly think it is sadly the opposite

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    Yep, need this +1

  • Derek N
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    +1 midi learn or any general updates.

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    As far as i understand this is already possible...

    ie. mapping & controlling VST parameters/volumes from a host DAW...

    the question is... does your DAW allow you to map and midi learn the Maschine VST or any mappable VST parameter.

    where there is no mappable parameter a mouse positioning alongside a midi to mouse control or midi to keyboard software is required

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