I can hear FL Studio via audio interface, but can't record those sounds in Audacity/OBS

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I am using a Komplete Audio 6 Mk2 with the Komplete Audio ASIO Driver on FL Studio to play real-time via a midi keyboard. I have my headphones plugged into Output 1/2 on my audio interface and can hear the output from FL Studio perfectly fine (I press a key, and the subsequent sound from the DAW is played).

My problem, however, is that despite me being able to hear both the system audio and the FL Studio output audio in my audio interface output, recording my Output 1/2 desktop audio doesn't capture any instruments—only the desktop audio channel.

This always worked for me (being able to record both desktop audio and FL Studio output together) until I reinstalled the NativeInstruments UsbAudio v5.22.0 driver. Now recording software like Audacity and OBS Studio can't hear any music even though it's right in my ear.

Some other fixes I attempted:

  • Restarting the playback device
  • Setting exclusive mode on and off

I am using a Windows 10 machine, if that helps.



  • PK The DJ
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    If you read up on ASIO you will find that it's not "multi-client", meaning it's not intended to be used with more than one application at a time.

    Also it's my understanding that OBS and Audacity cannot detect/use ASIO in/out.

    Surely FL Studio has a record option?

  • hyper
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    I am not attempting to record MIDI in OBS or audacity, I am using FL Studio to convert the MIDI to sound via a VST. FL Studio is using the Komplete Audio ASIO Driver, so audio output from the DAW (not MIDI) can be heard from the Output 1/2 jack on my audio interface.

    My assumption would be that since I can hear audio from the audio interface, it can be captured by recording software, but this doesn't work anymore. It did work only a few days ago before I reinstalled the audio interface's driver, but it no longer does.

  • PK The DJ
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    I am not attempting to record MIDI in OBS or audacity

    I didn't say you were. I was talking about ASIO (nothing to do with MIDI). I've worked with MIDI and studio kit since the 80s. I know my stuff 😁

    I'm asking why you're trying to record in OBS/Audacity when clearly the FL Studio software can record (it's a DAW).

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    Ah my mistake, I'm trying to record via OBS because I am pairing the DAW audio with a different visual, so I wish for the two to be conjoined together during recording rather than needing to record on FL Studio and align the audio/video later. I'm upset because this was working prior to the driver reinstall, so I'm not too sure what changed before and after installation. The driver versions were the exact same too.

    Also I notice compared to the Mk1 drivers, the Mk2 control panel has no options other than buffer size, is that normal?

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