Upgrade path for Traktor Pro?

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i have traktor dj 2 (v2.4.1) full software in my Native instruments account, having upgraded recently to Komplete 12 ultimate.

i have a S4 mk1 soon to be making its way to me...

in order to use the 4 decks that it offers, is the traktor dj2 version i have limited to just 2 decks?

secondly what is the upgrade path if i require a pro version... is Dj 2 pro a suitable option??

also what is the monetary difference between upgrading between Dj 2 pro.. and the newest version?(DJ pro 3)

i'd appreciate any information on the upgrade paths available to me!

i also notice there is a Beta in progress for Dj pro 3... can i access that on what i have currently??

thanks in advance

(btw i use windowsOS)


  • David Chung
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    Traktor DJ 2 is only 2 deck and as far as I'm aware it's not S4 MK1 compatible. To utilise the 4 decks you will need either the bundled software or Traktor Pro 3.

    Will you be getting the software licence with the S4 MK1 or is just the controller?

    If you're getting the software then you will have to ask the seller to transfer the licence over to you through NI, see link below.


    If you don't have software then you will need to buy Traktor Pro 3 separately.

    The beta you're referring to only works if you already own a copy of Traktor Pro 3.

  • 6xes
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    thanks for replying

    that would seem odd that traktor Dj 2 wouldnt support the traktor S4 mk1 afterall they carry the same name... and im on windows as opposed to a appleOS which i recently read has issues with MacOS updates and devices not working and no further support.. but im on windows10 so is this the case with windows too?

    seems my lack of research might get the better of me again... as i have a tendancy to press Buy...when the price is a bargain!!

    would really appreciate someone replying giving clarity on the matter concerning a upgrade pathway... as the seller doesnt mention the selling of any software... which is the reason why it was cheap!

    but as i have Traktor DJ 2 i figure there must be a pathway to attain the 4deck solution...

    whether Dj2pro or Dj3pro


  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    your solution is to buy Traktor pro 3. They do have offers regular so look out for those.

  • 6xes
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    appreciate the replys thanks!

  • David Chung
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    Traktor was never connect and supportive with its own products until Pro 3. Just look at Pro 2 having a Scratch and non Scratch version for example.

    The issue here is that you have legacy hardware and current software.

    You could try and contact NI support to see if they could help, you never know they may just give you the software...

  • 6xes
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    when the unit arrives and ive run some tests... ill know where im at with the unit


  • David Chung
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    This is the response from NI support.

    If the license can be transferred (the device is not stolen, the serial number locked, or marked "Not For Resale") then we will simply require a picture of the bottom of the device with the 25 digit serial number visible, in order to transfer it to you.

    So once you have the unit in hand your could try this and get the software transferred to you.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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