How do I fix my C#7 on my Komplete s61 mk2?

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Hello! I just got this keyboard unit about over a week ago.

So, the unit doesn't come with a power adapter so I was researching and then waiting for a third party power adapter to ship, and so I just started using it and testing it today once it finally came.

It seemed entirely well and good but one of the keys on the unit has a really strange issue. My C#7 key on the keyboard seems to always be hitting at a high velocity. My DAW records this velocity at 127, the max; and when I hit the key harder, it seems to loop over to 0 (making no sound) and that's the only dynamic it has.

Hitting the key softly yields 127 Velocity, and playing it harder makes it go to 0 and no in between or variation beyond those 2 values, none of the other keys on the keyboard have this behavior.

I did everything I knew I could and to make sure this was a hardware issue and not something related to my DAW or something. I tested it as a midi controller and then as a controller for Komplete Kontrol, and even octave and semitone shifting to make sure it's that specific key.

I turned the unit off and on again and all; I don't really know what's causing this issue. I tried searching online but a lot of the issues and things support was looking for was either, the entire keyboard not functioning (which could be for a myriad of reasons and not super helpful to me) or actual hardware damage (which I don't see on this unit), so I'm a little tied up what to do other than to directly contact support.

My unit has no damage, I've been very careful with it and all the time it hasn't been in use waiting for the adapter to arrive, it was on a keyboard stand with my other keyboards sitting pretty safely.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue? Is my unit defective or have I missed some setting or something? Please let me know!

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    pls contact support, hope you get it sorted quickly.


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