S4 MK4 Upcoming?

Martin Periard
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Hi, is there an S4 MK4 coming out soon ?




  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    I would say not. But I don’t work for NI nor have insider knowledge. The mk3 is still a current controller and probably will be for a few years yet.

  • egjanuary
    egjanuary Member Posts: 13 Member

    I'm holding off on a MK3 because as soon as I get one they'll release a mk4.

  • lord-carlos
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  • Demonix
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    S4 mk 3 has been out since 2018/2019 - so Hardware is 3-4 years old now, what is the NI product lifecycle for controllers - I would expect replacement/update for this model to be well underway and the next iteration or new model to be coming in year 5-6 after release of the Mk3?

    Babydoc recently played a set with me and rocked the place with an S4 mk3, I was thoroughly impressed and am seriously considering getting one myself - but as per previous users posts I am concerned that as soon as or shortly after I pull the trigger on the purchase NI will release the "new" S4.

    Would be good to know when the replacement is due out - if it's ages away I will get the current model if it's imminent then I wait a short time and get the new one.

  • Demonix
    Demonix Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    Whilst I realise that Traktor pro software support for S4 Mk3 will continue for a fair while yet - it would be good to know when production of the current S4 will cease and the "new" model hit the market.

    A rough eta from NI as to when the above will occur would help many customers decide on what/when to purchase their next controller.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Looking back i don't remember NI announcing any kind of gear with a warning longer than a couple of weeks. Too short to plan such a thing.

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 85 Helper

    Hope more modular components. The marked is flooded with all in ones. But, that's just my opinion.

  • man-tk
    man-tk Member Posts: 6 Member

    we don't need more hardware , we have enought to choose -

    A Browser Update is needed + instant steams .

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