New Maschine+ user - which content can I use?

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after endless hours comparing the MPC Live 2 and the Maschine+ i have decided to go with the Maschine+.

Reasons were the promissing New Update and the point that i already have some hours on the clock with the MK1. I also hope that owning the Kontakt Complete Libary will be to some kind of advantage.

And there comes my first question. What kind of advantage do i have with owning Komplete 10 ? Can I load the Kontakt library in a player on the + ?

Is it correct to understand that all plugings need to be programmed individualy for the + ? Is there a processing bottleneck (CPU/RAM) for future updates on the Maschine+. Is it an illusion to think that plugings/synths like mouth or rounds will find its way on the +.

Last question. Is it possible to stream sounds directly over a sampling plattform via the Maschine integrated network ?

Thanks in advance

Best Jason


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  • Nico_NI
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    Hey Jason, regarding your question about owning Komplete, it's definitely a big plus.

    You have access to quite a lot of plugins, effects and expansions to play with your Maschine+ when in controller mode.

    For the CPU, there was already many updates improving the stability and performance of the M+, but of course every hardware has its limitations.

    About new content being ported to M+ standalone, only the future will tell 🤞

  • Jason
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    Thx for the answer...

    Regarding Komplete my question was rather if there is an advantage when being in standalone mode ?

    Can I use the Kontakt Player in standalone or would i have to copy the samples manualy to a flash card ?

    Thx mate


  • Nico_NI
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    You can see which instruments can be used in standalone via this page:

    Of course samples and loops can be imported via the SD card.

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