Why does it cost so much to upgrade Komplete?

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Hi there,

So earlier today I bought the Soundwave bundle for a friend's birthday. I set them up a new NI account, which I'll pass over to them later this week. Before I logged out, I noticed that they have the option to buy Komplete 13 for £179.

I own an NI M32 (owned since early 2020) as well as a couple of other software bits from NI, but "My Komplete Offers" says my upgrade price for Komplete 13 is £389!!!

How can a loyal customer of NI be charged over double the price of a new customer for the same product? Awful!


  • JesterMgee
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    Are you sure it’s the same product? There are different versions. Screenshots?

  • Kubrak
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    Also, upgrade from A-serie keyboard is always more expensive (it does not include Komplete Select), than upgrade from Komplete Select (actually, I am not sure if Soundwave bundle contains Komplete Select....).

    But still, the difference should not be as big as you write. Have you registered your A32 to your NI account?

    Or there may be Jester's explanation. You have looked at different Komplete products....

  • leesinthemix
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    Here you go... £359 for my account. I own a Maschine Mikro, M32, Traktor Scratch & Pro 3, and a few other bits.

    £179 for my friend's completely new account which I just setup.

    Both accounts have the Soundwave bundle, neither account has Komplete Select.

    Absolutely baffling why I should be getting charged more!

  • leesinthemix
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    I guess the solution here would be to purchase on my friend's account and just do a transfer.

    I would have bought Komplete a couple of years ago if I was given the option at this price. Weird and annoying!

  • Jon Watte
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    The upgrade price is different when you're coming from different versions.

    I e, if you have some older version, the upgrade might cost more than cross-grading from a current version of a smaller package?

  • Matt_NI
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    @leesinthemix I know it can be a bit confusing and I'll try to explain the details.

    The first screenshot has no upgrade listed and the update price you see is just a general information, meaning it has be purchased at full price. This actually makes sense since the Soundwide Bundle is not an product unlocking Komplete upgrades.

    The second one has an upgrade path available and marked as MY UPGRADE, which makes sense if you own a Maschine Mikro.

    Hope this helps

  • leesinthemix
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    Hey Matt,

    I feel incredibly stupid now haha!

    I get what you mean. £179 is just the lowest it possibly can be bought for, but it's not possible with this account because it doesn't have Komplete 2-12. 😆! Massive face palm!

    Thanks for wasting your time on this pointless question. Cheers!

  • valerianmengsk
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    Mistakes happen, it is good to seek help.

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