Feature request: Better automation in Maschine

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I dream that better automation will appear in maschine. At the moment, it is very difficult to use automation. It is difficult to set automation points with the mouse, you cannot draw curves.

Maschine is great for synths (including analog synths) and electronic music, but the awkward automation is very frustrating.

I hope the developers are working on it.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for the feedback @Solncev_ This has been brought up quite a lot. I added a "Feature request" tag to your post so we don't miss it!

  • DeepThumb
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    ... and please don't forget M+:

    I'd love to see the automation. Only the white dot near an automated parameter tells that there is an automation but without any further visualisation of the automation curve.

  • Solncev_
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  • DeepThumb
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    You are my hero! I've forgotten that. It's Erase + little twist of the respective knob. Will adjust my posting.

  • microw
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    Yesss, please, i'ts my dream to, better automations ! 🙏

    I would so love to be able to finilise a track in maschine, and forget ableton !

  • Nikal Might
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    Ramps, adjustable curves and squares/steps would be a great addition to Maschine. It would be nice if you could add them via the hardware, but even if it was just in the software, it would make automation a lot more tolerable.

  • interceptor
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    Would be nice to be able to quantize automation to get stepped sounds on Maschine+

  • Trevor Meier
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    Quantization would be a great addition. There’s so much that needs to be added for automation & modulation. I’m hopeful NI will come up with a genius solution for making it easy to use & perform, making the most of those gorgeous screens

  • NOoneis
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    ...and maschine 2, for the record an Oberheim Xpander was able do that. ^^

  • olafmol
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    this has been asked for 10+ years. I don’t think it’s gonna happen

  • nanotable
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    But we can still dream, right? Proper automation (including editing) and modulation options would be great additions, indeed.

  • interceptor
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    On the Ableton forum I asked for "capture last take as recording". 12 years afterwards they added it. So maybe in a couple of years 😂

  • nightjar
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    Trying to make Maschine more of a DAW doesn't really make sense...

    Easier to leapfrog Maschine's inherent limitations and bring an existing DAW into the Soundwide portfolio.

    Tracktion Waveform has roots with Soundwide team Sound Stacks.

    From the Soundwide press release:

    Soundwide welcomes the newly formed Sound Stacks, born from the minds of Cesare Ferrari and Julian Storer, the creator of the industry-standard open-source audio application framework JUCE. Sound Stacks will drive the development of new audio platform technologies aimed at improving productivity and performance for audio developers across the industry.

    And from JUCE Wiki:

    Juce resulted from a split-out of the underlying C++ code that was developed by Julian Storer to create Tracktion's (now WaveformDAW graphic and audio capabilities. It was first released to the public in 2004. It is covered by a dual GPL/commercial license.

    And Waveform info:

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