Problems using Mk2-Keyboard, Ableton Live and Komplete Kontrol as VST3

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Good day,

does anybode else experience the same problems than I do?

When using Ableton Live 11 in combination with the Komplete Kontrol VST3 plugin and a Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2-Keyboard the daw functions of the keyboard are not working sometimes.

For me I figured out that all the transport controls as well as the mixer of the keyboard isn't available when I load a project with an already containing Komplete Kontrol VST3 instance in track 1 or when I create new tracks that contain Komplete Kontrol as VST3 and I switch to another track with the help of the keyboards's mixer I cannot "find" the plugin anymore (it gets grayed out on the keyboard and needs to become re-connected inside the plugin with the small keyboard symbol on the top right of the VST instance).

Also when deleting or adding new tracks I've had issues with the VST3 version of Komplete Kontrol in combination with my Mk2-keyboard.

Am I the only one experiencing these issues or does someone else have the same issues with this keyboard, Ableton Live 11 and Komplete Kontrol as VST3 plugin? When I use Komplete Kontrol as VST2 plugin everything works fine...

Would like to know whether anyone else is having the same issues and whether anyone has found a workaround for them yet...



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    Hey @UdoBehm It's a known issue, there were many reports of broken autofocus / integration in Ableton when using the Komplete Kontrol VST3 plug-in. It's on Ableton side and we are waithing for them to fix it. In the meantime the workaround is to use the VST2 plug-in.


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