Maschine+ stability in 2022

Itse Kukin
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So heya.

I wanted to ask from the folks that are in the know about how (much) the stability of Maschine+ has actually improved since its' release.

I just got mine a few days ago, and am already experiencing audio crackling both on headphones and stereos (even at 9-14% CPU load), and to top that off, cannot connect it to my laptop for use as a MK3 (all the lights turn white on Maschine startup and the whole thing just freezes there, for those wondering).

When getting the device, I naïvely expected to get the proverbial "bang" for the very concrete "buck", but after experiencing these issues and looking up user experiences across the board, apparently all I did by getting the plus instead of the MK3 was opting for the worst option.

So if an out-of-the-box Maschine+ performs this poorly, how on Earth was it not discontinued shortly after release if the issues were *worse* back then?

I'd sell the plus, but I could not in good conscience give a device like that to someone expecting functionality!



  • PK The DJ
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    IMO the Maschine+ is a fantastic bit of kit. Since I've had mine (June 2021) I've not been able to put it down. Other samplers I've owned never had my continued attention.

    The audio crackles (if/when) are a well documented issue. The solution is simple. The issue with the latest Maschine desktop software is new but also has plenty of comments here (inc from NI themselves).

    Yes it has a few quirks, but it's a seriously powerful box of tricks.

  • skrutiny
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    Unfortunatly the latest mashine update brickwalls the m+ to connecting in controller mode as you have found out. You will need to roll back to the last version found here

    Currently, the m+ in my opinion is not suitable for proffesional live use as a standalone instrument. It is however very powerfull and reliable as a midi sequencer for other gear, and as a sampler. However, frustratingly, the midi clock send is very unreliable. In short, loading it with vst's and extensive fx racks eats up its limited cpu very quickly.

    My advice would be to roll the software back, give it another go, be midfull of the fact that a lot of expansions are very fx rack heavy, consider sampling any vst's and clearing them out of the project in order to maintain as low a cpu strain as possible. And if your still not happy, check out the returns policy from where you bought it. In the uk it's 28 days return full fefund for any reason.

  • darkwaves
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    Go into settings > audio and turn the interface knob. Even if you're not using an external interface.

  • Itse Kukin
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    For sure as a soundtoy - something to play around with in the studio - it is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But a 1000€+ soundtoy?

    And thank you Skrutiny for that, I tried locating the problem on google and the search in this forum but somehow came up empty. Glad to know it has to do with the latest update only.

    My question, however, remains somewhat unanswered... since the Maschine+ is absolutely *not* a professional performance tool due to the stability and noise crackling issues (would you take an audio interface that had to be repeatedly restarted to a live performance? Most likely not), what is the appeal? If you bought a car and it turns out it was in fact not a car (something you could reliably drive on the street), but a SLED (something you might play around with in your own backyard), and the salesperson still went around selling the sleds as cars... know what I'm saying?

  • djadidai
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    I’ve had my M+ since the week of its release and I must say that the current fw is MUCH more stable. The audio crackling thingy is such a small issue for me atm that I’ve kinda automated my behavior to start with me pushing a few pads before pressing play and a twist of the knob before I start working with it. After that I can still get the occasional “fatigue” symptoms (after a few hours), by the M+ getting slow or like, play at a slower bpm even tho I haven’t changed the tempo. But that is solved again by the magical knob. The midi sync clock is still unreliable but works most of times for me.

    I wouldn’t perform my live sets with it yet, that’s what I’m waiting for still.

    But you can’t deny it’s strengths once you get to know it. It’s a very powerful piece of kit, calling it a “sound toy” is diminishing what it truly is despite its minor issues that are being solved one by one, both for creating and composing and also for live performance once it’s stable. It’s the instrument of instruments, especially now that the autosampler will come with the next update.

    You did not get a sled. You paid for a car and you got a car, with malfunctioning keys to unlock the door, but it still drives like hell and extremely usable on the road.

  • Space Cat 303
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    I completely agree, I also have M+ since the first days, and it is much more stable than at the start, and I also automatically turn the audio button around.

    No problem for me, I have almost completed projects that use 80% of Cpu, and no problem.

    Besides, there are artists who release EPs with only M+, which I will also do.

    M+ is very far from being a toy and I don't understand why it wouldn't be possible to release a professional project with it. This is for me the most successful Groovebox I've had and I've had a few.

    Very intuitive, with the autosampler and some improvements it will be perfect

  • djadidai
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    I’ve also had 80-90% of cpu going and it’s been flowing anyway. I just wish for the stability to be 99,9% at least so I can do live stuff, which is why I have the jam and m32, it’s all so seamless. I finish most of my project in M+ before importing to logic x to finish it. Eq mixing mastering and automations, that’s it. The whole creative and creating process is in the +. All scenes of a track and everything is in the project ready for live usage :) I save all my groups with patterns as trackname-a, trackname-b so I can easily import my groups and patterns in my gigantic live-set project. I love my M+. Wouldn’t change it for any unit existing today. Just gimme the stability. I don’t care/need many more special functions, at least not for my usage, but I do want stability. If I get that I can die happy. Haha

  • tetsuneko
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    I think NI should put up a sticky with the most frequently encountered issues with Maschine+

    • Be sure to update Maschine+ standalone OS, all included plugins, and Maschine+ firmware to the latest version

    • The supplied microSD card is far from an ideal storage solution. Upgrading to a quality U3 type branded SD card is higly recommended (I use Kingston myself, big improvement!)

    • If issues persist, it is recommended to both reset the device as well as to reformat the SD card

    • Current Maschine desktop version (2.15) is currently causing issues with M+ when used in controller mode. These issues seem to be mostly related to users running Windows. Downgrading Maschine desktop to version 2.14.7 fixes this issue. These issues will be addressed in the next Maschine updates, coming for both Maschine desktop and Maschine+ standalone OS

    I have used Maschine+ since it was released and it has improved considerably since then. Unfortunately there are still some niggles, I cannot recommend M+ for performing live just yet, but I am confident these outstanding issues will be overcome eventually.

    Maschine+ has replaced MPC live and Akai Force as the centerpiece of my hardware setup. I love making music on the M+, UI is close to perfection now that my muscle memory has established itself.

  • Astralbeats_225
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    I would say I have had mine since November 2021 and it's way more stable than it was back then. The audio interface knob turn fixes the crackle issue but honestly if I turn my M+ on 20 times I might get the crackle once or twice. My biggest issue was when my M+ would crash during a project. It was a buzz kill but then I started treating it more like a console and setup fx buses through auxiliary routing, also created a "Master Sum" bus. After that I stopped crashing it during use. Occasionally I'll get it stuck when browsing my SSD but if Im patient it normally starts responding in 15- 30 seconds. All in all I Love my M+, I love being able to be away from my studio. I have a Mk3 and a M+ so my M+ is used expressly in stand-alone.

    Ps I created a template for the M+ in standalone which I don't mind sharing. If anyone would like a copy respond to this and I'll either dm you a template or post it in the thread. 🤙🏾

  • djadidai
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  • Astralbeats_225
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    I have attached my template that I use in standalone mode. The following is an explanation of the layout and if anyone has questions after/ during use hit me with a mention or a DM and I'll do my best to provide the required info

    • Layer 1: Groups A-H are used for instruments. I deleted the instruments so you won't get any not found errors, but I left the Groups named A- Keys B- Counter Melody - C- Pads etc.
    • Layer 2 : Buses. I have a melody bus, FX bus , Automation bus(perform fx), and Master Sum bus. I added the Master sum bus so you can have visual representation of your master inside the MIXER view.
    • This template can be improved and moved around however you like. I just recommend always keeping the buses. Also the reason the instruments are in different groupings is to make arrangement easier.
    • Scene Mode you will see that the scenes are already named based on an 8bar pattern size and allowing you to add variety every 8bars.
    • FX Buses : To utilize FX buses click the Chanel button then navigate to "OUTPUT" then flip to page 2/3 using arrow buttons. Use Aux 1 or Aux 2 dest to select your desired FX ( if you would like different FX modules just load them on a sound in the FX bus group)

    I am in no way perfect nor is this template but hopefully it will help everyone with a good starting point.

    Also due to Master bus routing the solo button does not function properly. It solos but since the audio is being routed to the Bus on layer 2 you get no sound. Its a tradeoff you can undue the routing if you would prefer SOLO option over Master sum Bus visibility in the MIXER

  • ozon
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    and stability seems to be improved according to first user reports.

  • Itse Kukin
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    Yes, it actually looks like the audio crackling issue has been gone since the update. That's kind of unbelievable. So Maschine+ has been around for 1,6 years and just when I get it, they fix the biggest issues? Whaaa? Talk about luck? I kinda feel bad for ranting now. It just seemed so weird that a product that has been around for one and a half years would still have these kinds of "feature-denying" issues...

    "Treating it more like a console" is a good point. For sure using send effects is the way to go. Kind of funny how that doesn't seem to be -too- common in the expansions, from what I've seen so far. 😅

    This here, updating the SD card, that's still up ahead for me. As I understood from reading the forum, going too big can cause problems... but for sure 256Gt will be enough.

    Thank you for the replies, everyone. It's relieving to see that improvements are actually routinely being made.

  • djadidai
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    Don’t rant and become a depressed human. Just be patient. Goes a longer way.

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