Maschine+ MIDI scene change

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Is it possible to trigger scene changes with a launchpad or other midi controller in standalone mode? It seems everyone does it through a DAW but the option shows up in standalone mode as well. I can’t seem to get it working.



  • starcorp
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    No its not going to work

  • Mutis
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    Maschine Jam?

  • SpencerTyler
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    I didn't think so but figured I would ask. That would be a game changer for performing. Thanks for the response!

  • SpencerTyler
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    No. I have a Novation Launchpad Mini MK3. I'm trying to find a work around to trigger scenes with another device so I can use Perform FX and Mute on the Maschine Plus in standalone mode. I can do it on the Maschine Plus if I set the Perform Grid to 1 Bar or Scene but it would be a lot easier to use another device so I don't have to navigate through menus as much while performing.

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    I'm able to do it. 2 scenes in maschine. My MODX (routed through a midi interface) going into maschine. Settings > MIDI > Page 2 > Midi Change set to Scene, Note, my midi port, channel 1.

    This means I wouldn't be able to use that port/channel for anything else; so I'd probably set it to channel 16 or something. The notes required to change are WAAAAAY down there. C-2 is scene 1, C#-2 is scene 2, etc.

    I can test with another midi device if interested; I suspect it would work the same

  • SpencerTyler
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    Thanks for the info! I just came across a workaround for triggering the scenes in Maschine Plus Standalone Mode with my Novation Launchpad right before I read this. I had to make a custom template in Novation Components editor on the computer. I made all of the Launchpad's pads Program Change numbers starting at PC 0 with my first pad. After that I hooked up the launchpad to the Maschine Plus and had to go to midi settings on the Maschine and set Input and Output to the Launchpad on the first page and toggle them On. Then I went to page 2 and set MIDI change Type to Scene, Trigger is set to Program Change, Source is set to Launchpad Mini and channel is set to 1 or whatever channel is chosen for the pads in the Novation Components editor.

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    It does not work ... grrr ,,, on my maschine plus standalone. I programmed my novations launchpad X in "Components" editor hooked it to M+ all is set, as you wrote - but I failed... any more tipps?

    best wishes!

  • D-One
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    Any MIDI device can change Scenes, Sections and Lock States...

    As long as you can configure it's buttons/pads to send specific MIDI Notes, MIDI change for Maschine starts on C-2... So the MIDI device needs to be able to send C-2, C#-2, D-2, D#-3, etc..... If it can do that then it works.

    Basically, if a computer is involved then it works with virtually any MIDI controller. For M+ is more complicated.

    It does work, if the above conditions meet.

    If the LaunchPadX templates rely on it's software/drivers then it can't work on a Maschine+, because it's the computer software that tells the LaunchPad what to do as that's where the info gets stored. Some controllers store templates inside of itself and others rely on computers, for MIDI change you want the former.

    If the LaunchPad is designed to work directly with other hardware and has a way to switch octaves without being connected to a computer then it works, I doubt it because it's designed specifically for Ableton.

  • DjObed
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    Hi D-One and others,

    I'm using a Maschine MK3 for a few years now and to speed up the workflow with live gigs i'd like to use an extra device. I like to have faders, knobs and pads for example like the lpd8 from Akai or the Push from NI.

    As you, Mr D-One said, you can map any midi device. So that does mean that a lpd8 could also work? Even for the scenes and lock states?

  • Schmapps1
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    The key is to have a midi controller that can store the template you set, inside of itself. Not sure if the lpd8 does that?

    my advice would be to get a used Maschine Jam. Not only can you change scenes with the buttons along the top, but it is very useful in many other ways as well

    EDIT oops I just saw you said it was for the mk3, I thought you were talking about M+…I believe any midi controller should work if you are using a computer

  • D-One
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    I have a Korg Nano Pad and it does store the MIDI setting in it's firmware, I've had an LDP8 too but lost it a long time ago and don't quite remember if it does the same but it's very likely, this class of device is very simple and tends to not rely on drivers or background services so it can be usable with anything. Double check with manufacturer tho..

  • DjObed
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    thanks for the reply's :) Sorry if im not clear, I try my best with language

    About the LPD8; I found out that its software doesn't work with newer pc's anymore and (as said) it doesn't have faders, so I'm looking further.

    The org nano pad also doesn't have faders and knobs, and the price is still quite high compared with other brands (I could be mistaken, would love to hear your opinions :) )

    I found out that the Akai apc mini mk2 can do a whole bunch, it have sliders, knobs and trigger pads,.. and it's cheap, I mean below the 100 euro! I did found a vid from Taetro (this is the best live looping midi controller setup) and I think I'm gonna try that with my Maschine mk3 and M32, and maybe add a larger keyboard or synth later as I like to have more key's to play and learn how to play :)

    any suggestions are welcome

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