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    Dunno, been a maschine addict since 2011, so I guess I’m not that new to NI products and maschine universe. Just because I haven’t been on the forum doesn’t mean I haven’t been using maschine for example. I don’t think it’s a matter of longtime user or not. I think it’s abt personal traits. Either you accept things and work with what you have or you keep wishing for features that might not come and waste all that time and energy wishing for stuff and getting frustrated. I understand that some features are important and should be implemented bcs “in todays day and age all units should be able to…” However I believe there is a big possibility that people are blinded by how great maschine already is, so they don’t appreciate it as it should be appreciated bcs of the existing awesomeness maschine is, I consider we’re very spoiled already. Stability before all! Nevertheless I kinda see this behavior where certain individuals demand stuff like they or their opinion or requests matter more than others. And they keep saying the same things over and over and over again because somehow they can’t be denied. Like kids do when they want something, they start screaming and getting hysterical because eventually most parents give in, and when they win they know it’s a winning strategy.

    Obviously it’s not most times when it comes to feature requests.

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    Got an m+ with this update coming in March as a selling point. 'Ope.

    Autosampling is going to get a couple mediocre synths out of my studio, I hope.

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    I think the behaviour you are describing is known as "dependent behaviour". Dependent behaviour is exactly how a child deals with the world; they are never responsible for anything, everything must always be done by others, success or failure is also defined by others.

    I like to think grown adults should prefer "independent" or better yet "interdependent" behaviour. That's when you or a collective community take responsibility of their own success, instead of expecting everyone else to do things for you.

    Maschine can be a very frustrating experience for a dependent person.

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    Hey everyone,

    We released Maschine 2.15 just now and I shared some words about Maschine Plus on the announcement thread here:


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    So they still don't save Sound samples correctly. There not a saved with a relative path like MPC does it. So I auto sampled a bunch of instruments with Maschine software and I can't even move them to Maschine plus correctly. You have to do the hack where you put the sounds in some random Maschine folder for it to work. Please open the mxsnd format so I can at least edit it with a text editor.

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    There's no editing required, there's a save sound with samples feature which works fine, (not 100% sure it works in the current M+ version since I am a version ahead but users should confirm it soon)

    EDIT: Apparently in the current version of M+ 'saving with samples' from the desktop won't work, most likely due to the absolute path thing. 🤷‍♂️

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    This has been a frustrating experience lol

  • Dstep ATL
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    Could you explain how you do this? I don’t want to believe NI would really release software that is incompatible with the hardware. I’d like to think I’m just tired and screwing it up.

  • Dstep ATL
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    Is that official from NI or just based off my experience? I’m curious to know if this not working is unique to me.

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    In hindsight, I should have held off updating to 2.15. If anything these past few months have taught me, parts of the Maschine ecosystem seem to be very reliant on everything having the same version across platforms. Massive patches made on 1.5.9 do not work in M+'s Massive 1.5.8, Reaktor patches made in Reaktor 6.4.3 do not work in M+ OS beta running Reaktor 6.4.4.. and so on. I've been very meticulous about keeping version parity with the desktop software versions and the M+ versions, to the point where I don't want to update my desktop versions of Raum, Massive, Kontakt.. Shoulda known better than to update Maschine desktop to a different version than what's on M+.

    I'm abstaining on all future updates until M+ catches up with the desktop versions of everything.

    Is it still possible to roll back to Maschine desktop 2.14?

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