Cracking noise while controlling volume on my Komplete Audio 2

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Hey everyone, it's a pleasure to be here!

My question today is, why is there a cracking noise while I'm controling the volume from my Komplete Audio 2? It didn't happen at the beggining, and I'm not quite sure when it started happening.

I got 2 Yamaha HS5 monitors and I got worried a few days ago when I started hearing to this cracking or cutting noise on my left monitor when I turned up or down the volume, I thought that my monitor was broken down so I unplugged it and I was about to open it up when another thought came to my mind, what'd happen if I try to plug the same cable from my left monitor to my right monitor so I did it and the same cracking noise started sounding on my right monitor, this time.

Beliving that it might be my 1/4 jack stereo cable, I plugged the cable from my left monitor in the output 1 of the interface where I usually plug the left monitor cable, and as expected, the cracking noise was still there, so I realized neither my monitor is broken down, nor my cable is split, it is the output 1 of the Komplete Audio 2 what is generating this awful cracking noise whenever I control the volume of my audio interface.


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