How to connect a Traktor S5 to my Xon2 92?

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So here is the situation... I started playing in my traktor s5 then to level up my set up I purchased a Xone 92... the problem is that AS FAR AS MY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE is able to see... the traktor S5 just has ONE RCA audio exit (it has a XLR OUT also) I want to be able to separate each side of my s5 to separate channels of in my Xone 92... right know i was able to take the audio aout of my s5 to my xone 92 but the audio goes out in just one of my Xone 92 channels and as you can imagine I cant mix with just one channel... can any of you tell me how to solve this?



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    you would need at least an audio interface with 4 outs (2 stereo pairs) for 2 decks, or 8 outputs (4 stereo pairs) for 4 decks, like a behringer UMC204HD or UMC1820 or something similar like the native komplete audio 6 mk2 (for 2 decks)

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    Er.....if you've got a Traktor S5, you don't need a Xone 92.

    There's a mixer on the S5 (that bit in the middle). When a DJ controller has a mixer built in, you don't get separate outputs for each deck. You get a master output.

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    Absolutely but if he asks for..... maybe he plans in the future to use 2 deck controllers or something - but you are right that combination makes no sense

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    Either get a Xone 96 ;-) That one has a build in soundcard (And No more filter pop, better vinyl pre-amp, dual cue)

    Or get a soundcard like Traktor A10 or A6.

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