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    After rereading my comment I just want to clarify that I do think M+ is good. I just think it can be great while providing more value at $1400. IMO the margin for greatness is stability, file management, and touch screen (iPad OS integration).

    Addressing some above mentioned concerns, no one is suggesting an iOS only solution which is unnecessary and not at all suggested by the idea proposed. Machine is already supported and developed for how many versions of windows, Mac OS? Right. So iOS would just be another option for users who want touch, and swift development is exponentially easier than desktop OS as evidenced by all of the amazing apps made by one man shops available now.

    There is a reason iPads, which cost the same or more than laptops dwarf laptop sales for years now. Quality being one of them. iPads last exponentially longer than any pc so not sure where 2-5 year lifespan opinion came from. I have original iPads that still work and no one is forced to update anything every year. It is voluntary. Also, Native clearly isn’t concerned about updates breaking compatibility as Mac users are currently still waiting (over 2 years) on M2 to be compatible with Silicon macs and apple releases new OS every year just like iOS. Point is moot. You can remain on whatever os you are on as long as you want. I have a PowerBook on snow leopard running the last stable version of maschine got that device. The same is true for any device.

    Roland is working on it with their latest hardware offerings and Zenbeats (iOS/Android DAW) acquisition. Korg is doing it with Gadget and compatible hardware. Propellerhead tried and failed with Reason/Reason Connect. Yuck. Live 2 and One from Akai have touch screen which sucks compared to Apple touchscreen so to me that shows it’s better to leverage synergy with the leader (Apple). Literally every modern device from refrigerators to audio interfaces are embracing touch. It’s not a question of if NI will but when. My idea just opens NI up to the best touch experience in the world while keeping its hardware the same for users who don’t care for it. M+ could retain its simple os on that puny processor for when u don’t want to be connected to anything.

    Native Instruments is so well positioned to create an insurmountable lead with their best in class hard/soft ecosystem plus they have proven to be very good yet unmotivated ios

    MK3 and Mikro should have been class compliant years ago but M+ is the perfect time to provide added value with standalone PLUS iOS touchscreen abilities (literally a firmware upgrade for class compliance). Continue nurturing it to maturity with more frequent bug fixes instead of stalling for big updates bundled with new features. Stability and performance tweaks inspire confidence and must be more consistent in its infancy.

    Fortify/future proof everything you’re doing/done with hardware/soft eco with everything Apple is doing with market leading touch screens. Swift and iOS dev is way to easy and the devices too universally used for NI to continue to ignore.

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    Really loving my Maschine+, coming from MK1 and MK2.

    Got the unit since nov.21 so I've "missed" a lot of the early bugs. After using this device for almost 2 months now I really love it. Didn't have a lot of issues, only 2 times a project wouldn't load after a cold start. Rebooting the device solved it both times.


    I absolutely love the idea of using this device without a laptop and it works quite well for that.

    Sound quality is brilliant, checked it on a big audio system at a concert venue and it blew me (and the sound engineer that was with me) away.

    Built in sampler is great, been using it since day one.

    Coming from earlier Maschines the workflow is pretty much the same, so picking up the workflow in standalone mode is not a big deal.


    Most important for me: Missing a master volume meter in the mixer settings. Workaround is using the sampler to check if the master volume isn't clipping but this should be in the mixer section.

    As with all Maschines: multiple functions are sometimes a bit overwhelming and also sometimes hard to find. But that's mostly a learning issue.

    Sometimes the soundcard goes bezerk (but happened just a few times). Workaround is going into settings, audio and twist the left knob a few times.

    In settings,library there's still updates for raum and phasis but these are already updated.

    Looking forward to the new Maschine+ update 👍👍

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    Apart from stability (freeze/crash) you should not wait too much for new features.

    Some ideas are very good or needed and perhaps someday NI will release them.

    But NI can also be quite slow to developp new things and if you dont take your M+ as it is, it can lead to a lot of frustration.

  • OhulahanBass
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    I think disk streaming would benefit memory load and potentially freezing and crash issues.

    Auto sampler would be a huge feature.

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    agreed - auto-sampling is the one major new feature I'd like to see added. apart from that, as others have said a better way of managing files just rock-solid stability / timing so I can use it as hub of my hardware midi setup.

  • OhulahanBass
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    So excited to not have to use MainStage to build instruments to port to my M+. It is a big deterrent, thus why I haven't built nearly as many sampled instrument into Maschine sounds as I'd like. Exited to have all my mono synths sampled, plus NI horns and strings and favorite keyboards for use on M+ in standalone.

    If you need an extra beta tester who digs auto sampling lemme know!

    Disk streaming and other efficiency updates would be big improvement to this feature too. As it stands now, a full range instrument with 1-2 samples per pitch loads slow but in reasonablish time. For my instruments with 4 samples per note I initiate the loading then go watch an episode or walk the dog while it loads up.

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    Wow excellent news ! @Jeremy @ NI Do you know if it will create a folder with .WAV files with predefined "key" metatag ? Or will the result be in an NI proprietary format (like Kontakt) ?

    Any chance we also earn the ability to create our own Expansions ?


  • neschastje
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    I'd like to see custom chord sets in Chords mode. It would be very useful for me

  • vladimireti
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    Just a tiny comment from me.

    it seems that there is no basic, even simplest acoustic piano of any kind in m+ library. Personally I, and I’m sure some others too, like to play melodies on piano and then change them to synths.

    that would be cool to see it in future.

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    Could "we" (Maschine+ users) have any news about the release / the state / the roadmap of the firmware 1.4 ? And could "we" have frequently advancement about it ?

    I don't know if they know, but a lot of users like me are very upset about the actual state of the Maschine+. Your advertisement say things that work badly or some that are barely lies like : M+ is an "autonome" groovebox, but most of the things have to be done on Maschine software...

    On my side, I (and surely other users too) would love keeping my M+ and would love M+, but they seem to not make effort for it (or they didn't tell about it). At least, improving automation feedback / macro edition / special section for Program Change.

    So before selling it, could they inform "us" about :

    • expected release date
    • status
    • roadmap (with details and/or more frequently)
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    We're currently working on how to have more communication and feedback between teams in this new community. As you probably aware, we're not usually sharing roadmaps or what is coming in future releases and changing things around requires just a bit more time. I'd like to avoid to have fragmented and inconsistent info about all this and the community team is working on a plan so we can capture as much as possible more often.

    In the meantime, I'll try to see if I can find some information about 1.4.

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    I had a MK2 and am looking out to get the M+. However, when I try to scout around for information, more often than not, a recurring theme comes up that the device is bugged out. Random crashes and freezes, audio glitches and other weird behaviour. I feel that this is doing great damage to NI's reputation and a disservice to a very solid piece of gear.

    Here is where the road map becomes relevant. It would be an acknowledgement that the device does have issues but the company is committed to undertake to resolve them and repay the loyalty of Maschine community with new and improved functionality in the coming years.

    My conclusion is that we are all living out the consequences from the party that decided low Ram/CPU count should be used.

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    I just posted on the general Maschine thread and came across this thread. So I'm not sure where it makes more sense to ask more specifically about Maschine+ (?)

    Anyway, I repeat my request here (since it seems to meet the expectations of other users) :

    I think having a dedicated program change (and bank change) section is essential for standalone use, indeed.

    We definitely need that. Personally, I vote for this to be done at the "pattern level". But I could be wrong..and maybe it would be smart to put it on another level. What do you guys think?

    The same goes for editing automations... How we can deal with this in standalone otherwise?

    Also, can someone tell me how to quantize the end of notes (events) on the grid?

    is it only possible?

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