A couple of feature requests for Maschine+

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hi i absolutely love my maschine+ and id like to suggest....

1.ability to delete factory presets from the device. currently we can only delete user presets and there are tons of factory sounds that im just never going to use and scrolling thru them is a very tedious job. the erase button does not work on factory sounds only user, please fix this. they can always be reinstalled if you change your mind later.

2.option to bypass complete fx chain with one push. sometimes i use my maschine+ as an external fx box for my analog synth. i make fx chains and currently the user can only bypass one fx at a time which is also very tedious as you can only turn them back on one at a time.

im not losing any sleep while the update is delayed, new features are always welcome but i have no use for vst3 or auto sampler. what i would like the most is more compatibilty of komplete products like replika, vintage compressors, supercharger, super8, play series, etc



  • Olihop
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    I would also like to have point 2 to make before/after comparisons and get feedback on the relevance of the effect chain used.

  • D-One
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    Not sure why any of those requests would be M+ exclusive, both things would be useful in any controller, with that said #1 would be tricky as sometimes libs get updates, if that happens all your deleted presets would return.

  • latoxine
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    Hi, for the update Vx.01

    • Copy fx ?
    • Copy pattern+events between different groups?
    • Playing long sample from anywhere when scrolling ( shift + 4Dencoder) in the song !!! ( a nightmare to arrange a track with a 2mn vocal for example )
    • Graphic visualisation of EQ, Compressor
  • Pasildon
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    Hi there , long time Maschine user here! great shouts on the features id like to add a few too for the MK+ :)

    1/ SHIFT + Touch-strip for jogging through the timeline kind of like a shuttle/jog

    2/ Split at cursor option in 'sections' mode this would be the equivalent to scissors in a DAW.

    3/ Select multiple clips in 'clips' mode at the moment can only select one group - clip at a time to resize etc

    4/ More instruments / FX- Solid EQ / Guitar Rig (probably a 'lite' version), Bite, Supercharger, more Komplete..

    5/ More sample management - sort by size/date/modified like the MPC browser on hardware.

    6/ Randomize parameters for the synth engines - FM8/MASSIVE etc .. Could be cool to come up with interesting sounds as navigating page by page for parameters can get a bit long!

    7/ Layering - Have a list view on the hardware of what's layered and where like the software view, even colour coded if need be for each layer of sample added.

    8/ Browser lag- currently there is a long lag when you add a large amount of presets from massive and FM8 it hangs whilst searching and grabbing the information maybe some optimisations here :)

    Im sure there are workaround feel free to suggest - loving the +!

  • darkwaves
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    Most of the stuff in the M+ feedback thread are similar. Little discussion about things specific to M+. Lots of discussion about the maschine software that's running inside of M+.

    They did a good job of porting maschine to standalone device; but they ported all of the complaints as well.

    Maschine feature request: I want to send midi out of plugins. Faster way to scroll presets. Pick a random preset

    Maschine+ feature request: I want RTP MIDI built into the device. Access storage mode over the network. Let me use a bluetooth qwerty keyboard.

  • Olihop
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    For point 7 yes it would be very practical. We could for example in the pad mode, manage up to four layers per pad and navigate in the layers with the rotary 4d Up/Down and modify the parameters of each layer with the 8 rotaries. On the machine screen, colored dots could be displayed to indicate the number of layers present on the pad.

  • Space Cat 303
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    Full of good ideas.

    Very constructive.

    I read the idea of being able to copy/paste from one pattern, from one Pad/sound to another or from one group to another.

    It would be very convenient to duplicate a pattern with a different sound and effect

  • djadidai
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    Its possible, just copy a pattern to another pad and change sound? Or copy a group to another group and change sounds?

  • D-One
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    Yeah. Just duplicate and swap the sounds and make sure that when you hold Duplicate the +Content option under button 2 (MK3/M+/Studio) is active, otherwise, Pattern content/MIDI will not be transferred.

  • latoxine
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    So you can obviously dupplicate a pattern whith all the midi from a group to another ?

    Thank you D-one , I didn't notice the option button on M+, and was manually copy/paste the events each time...with more of less sucess 😓

  • Space Cat 303
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    Yes, thank you to all of you, I hadn't noticed this facility, I'm going to re-read the instructions 😅

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