Guitar Rig 7 Pro registered on my account but in Native Access it appears as Guitar Pro 7 LE

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I've just bought the Music Production Suite 6. In the email I got the serial number for Guitar Rig 7 Pro as well. After I added it in Native Access, the notification said "You successfully registered Guitar Rig 7 LE". Guitar Rig 7 Pro doesn't appear in the Native Access list, only Guitar Rig 7 LE. When I enter "My products" from the account menu on NI site it says that I have "Guitar Rig 7 Pro for iZotope" registered to my account, so everything seems fine with the serial itself. However, the Pro version is unavailable in Native Access and it sees the serial as the serial for LE version anyway.

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    You can check which license you are using (LE vs. PRO) if you click on the NI logo at the top right corner of the Guitar Rig user interface. On the screen that opens up you should see what kind of license you use.


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