Maschine Plus in Controller Mode does not start - Stays on the "Production and Performance System"

Benny Makes Music
Benny Makes Music Member Posts: 3 Member

So I just upgraded to the + and was quite excited about it all...

When trying to use the controller mode and opening the software on my computer nothing happens.

It's definitely set to ASIO & Maschine Plus Asio driver, all seem fine but the controller just stays on Stand By with the Screen displaying Maschine+ & Production & Performance System and that's it.

I've tried many things but I'm really desperate now. Please help =')


  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

    Make sure the AC adapter is not connected, it's just connected by USB-B to your computer.

  • Vic Angelo
    Vic Angelo Member Posts: 104 Advisor

    Controller mode can be connected with both AC or Not, doesnt make a difference. It sounds like the Proper driver isn't installed. Benny said he upgraded to the M+, maybe he's relying on Older drivers. I think he is on windows, I would reinstall latest M+ drivers for windows

  • Benny Makes Music
    Benny Makes Music Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the quick answers! I managed to fix it in the end, I followed some of the trouble shooting and it has something to do with the task manager and some of the NIH task / process to be restarted as they were “stopped” or “disabled” for some reason.

    it mows works with the AC connected or not!

    thank you!

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