Kontrol MK3 S61 - Browser will not load and then all keyboard inputs fail to respond

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I searched the forums and did not see a similar problem.

I received my MK3 S61 today. Before doing anything, I watched the How To video on YouTube and read the Getting Starting guide on NI website. I plugged it in, registered it and then updated the firmware. I already have Native Access and the Kontact 7 Player due to an included instrument with some Artruria gear I purchased in the summer. But I am otherwise completely new to NI ecosystem. I purchased the upgrade to Komplete Standard 14, so after registering my S61 keyboard, I added the serial number for Komplete 14. I then first downloaded and installed Kontact 7, Komplete, Battery, FM8, and Reaktor. After installing those, I then just chose "Install All" to my external hard drive.

Everything said they installed except for Neutron 4 Elements and RX 10 Elements. I then spent hours reading the NI Support pages and doing everything they said. The Neutron 4 Elements installed on the second try, but the RX 10 will not install, no matter what, after about 12 attempts. I just wanted to start playing my new keyboard, so I decided to move on.

I then opened Kontakt 7 as a standalone application and configured the Audio and MIDI. I then did the same with Komplete, FM8, and Battery.

Then, I opened Logic Pro X. During startup, I auto-assigned the S61 as a controller. After that, the following sequence occurred.

  1. Opened Logic Pro X and the DAW button on the S61 lights up
  2. Added Kontakt 7 Stereo in an empty channel strip
  3. Browser in S61 still hasn't loaded yet
  4. Choose the first preset in the list on the Kontakt Browser on the computer, and Browser and Plug-In buttons on S61 light up
  5. Press the Browser button on the S61 and nothing happens.
  6. Then, all of the buttons and encoders on the S61 stop working. It's frozen and will not respond.
  7. I reset by restarting the computer.

I have now repeated that sequence 5 times, and the same exact thing happens every time. I just want to play my new keyboard.


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