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I'm transferring all my libraries to a new computer running Windows 11 pro (if that matters). Locating my Kontakt libraries has gone perfectly except for one. I have an old version of Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Ensembles for Kontakt Player (it's now only available for the full version of Kontakt, which I don't own). When I try to locate the library in Native Access, it gives me the "Path is Invalid" error even though I know for certain I chose the folder with the nicnt file. Again, this is the only library I have had any trouble with.

I contacted Kirk Hunter studios and they say it should work and they recommended asking for help here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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    @bigcatJC It seems you don't own a full version of Kontakt and it seems that in the system requirements of the library it states:

    • Now Requires Kontakt Retail (sold separately) Version 5.7.1 or higher, NOT the "Player" version. Therefore, the "Add Library", or "Activation" feature is not available. Please note that in the video walkthrough, there may be a mention of being able to run this library with Kontakt's free player version. That is no longer true. This library will only run if you use the FULL version of Kontakt.

    Maybe they should have told you this.

    You could maybe try this though: How to Add Non-Player Libraries to KONTAKT 7's Browser

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    I bought my version years ago when it was available for Kontakt Player as I said in my original post, and I know that NOW it's only available for the full version. It worked fine in Kontakt Player until I started transferring everything to my new computer. The problem is getting Native Access to acknowledge it's even there.

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