S4 MK3 Phase Meter on Screens

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Why is there still no Phase Meter and proper navigation available for the screens on the S4MK3 by default? So annoying as it‘s so common sense. Why do we still need (paid) support of Modders like Joe Easton? I‘d rather prefer a stock update from NI themselves instead of modding sth. Especially when it‘s just a couple lines of code… srsly i dont get it.


  • Sûlherokhh
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    It wouldn't be just a couple of lines of code because:

    • At every stage there can appear bugs you never knew where there; --> more coding.
    • There are at least 10 more 'neat features' that customers would be clamouring to get included. And they would be right, just like you.
  • Stevan
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    Screens segments should be made modular ideally (swappable in Preferences).

    Especially because it is a small screen on S4 MK3. Instead of displaying as much information as realistically possible I want to display functions that are either really important to me like big Loop Size display and Phase Meter or to show me some information that I cannot see in GUI like Tempo Range value and Slice Count Size. I already have a laptop screen for bigger waveforms and all other information. I contacted Joe with my idea and made screens display exactly what I wanted.

    I highly recommend everyone to do the same. Support the community and make your controller more useful.

  • markjay_boston
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    They actually have a phase meter in the QML files, you just have to add it to TrackDeck.qml

    If you don't want to lose half of the waveform (which is actually more like a CDJ), then don't set the height like I show above and it won't cut off the bottom half of the waveform.

    Each time Traktor updates, you'll have to edit it again.

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