Delay after release of jogwheel on S2 MK3

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Hi all. 

I think I have a problem with the jog wheels on my S2 mk3 or with the settings in Traktor. 

Whenever i let go of the jog wheels, there is a certain delay before the track starts to play again. This is particularly noticeable after turning backwards. Giving the jog wheel a nudge forward helps a little. 

After many new installations of windows, i no longer have any problems with other latencies. 

Of course i have tested all the possible settings but unfortunately even adjusting the sensitivity didn't help either. My Buffersize is 96kb audio and 1ms for USB.

I know in other programs there is the possibility to set a value for this behavior.

What can i do?

Thanks for your help.



  • Kayya
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    an important issue. It doesn't stop with the snap and quantise settings. There is no such setting in the controller settings. my first suggestion is to update the tractor pro, reset its settings and delete the controller's mapping and re-add the preset mapping. I've seen that sometimes the mapping of controllers makes minor errors. When I intervened on the screen with the mouse, they were fixed. that's why I mentioned it. However, knowledgeable folks will help.

  • LostFrequency
    LostFrequency Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Hey Kayya,

    thanks for your reply!

    I reset everything, unfortunately the problem persists. Is this just happening to me or do others experiencing this behavior as well?

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