Is the maschine software that comes with mikro mk3 worth upgrading to the full version ?

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Wife has kindly for me a mikro mk3 for my birthday I get to unwrap on Sunday - can’t wait :-) I’ve been doing research and watching lots of YouTube videos about the device and software, and I’m unsure whether £80 or whatever it is to upgrade the software is needed or not when that could go towards an audio interface or a Kontrol m32 . I’m going to be having a go at breakbeat and dnb, plan to get vital vst (free) and I’ve been collecting samples .

Guess my Q is what am I missing out on by not upgrading the software? All thoughts welcome, I’m new to music production but keen to learn (after having loads of fun with Kontrol s2 mk3 I bought mid last year). Cheers



  • Blindeddie
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    The upgrade is basically Content Samples, Loops, Instruments... If you want more Instruments and sounds to play with, then the Maschine Factory Library and Komplete Select Upgrades are worth it. You do not need to purchase the Maschine 2 Software update as that as the Full Version "2" software is already included in the Mikro Purchase. Hope that helps

    Maschine Accessories : Upgrade Your Library | Maschine (

    Link to Komplete select description can be found in the previous link...

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    Just to echo @Blindeddie it's just lots of sounds you get with the full library. I held off for some time until it came up in a sale and thought it worth having to fill out some bread and butter sounds

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    Definitely wait for a sale. Learn how to use what you have -- have fun with that first! You can also research what the upgrades provide. You'll have a better idea of what you find interesting after playing around for a while.

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