Feature Request/Advice Needed: Line input recording outside of Sampler

King swen
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I am using Maschine Plus to build a solo set that I can play live. I use song mode and play piano that automatically records to the patterns that I have setup for my songs. I play trumpet on top of that and really wanted to loop that live (through the 1/4 input jack) like I can do with the piano without going into the Sampler. It would be so easy to just select the group that my line in instrument is on and have it automatically record for each of the separate patterns that I already have setup. The Sampler is not very conducive for recording loops back to back having to push start for each one and leave the song mode screen and change to a different pattern. I connected a pedal and it only toggles record and not the start button in the sampler. If anyone has any advice on how to do this more seamless I can't figure it out and appreciate any advice.


  • Alex Comp
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    Record the pipe completely into the sampler and then distribute it to the pads as you like.

  • King swen
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    Thank you,

    The slice feature is something that I haven't learned yet and will look into it. It looks like that could be the solution for what I'm searching for. I still wish NI would create a new option for patterns with line in routings. Something like making a new pattern setting. Like an option to designate a pattern to a "prime pattern" that could record without going into the sampler. One thing that I have realized with NI is that there is a way to accomplish anything that you want to do; just have to figure it out like a math equation.

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    The "sampling" button takes you to a screen to record. The recording modes all have different actions.

    "Auto" is for the autosampler. Detect and Sync will load your recording in a sampler module. Loop will use an audio module - with target giving you different behavior.

    It sounds to me that you're describing the loop recording mode; though you'll probably need to rethink how you're using your groups and patterns/scenes

  • King swen
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    Just wondering if I set up two different patterns back to back that don't have anything recorded in song mode. How can I record loops live (via input jack) back to back that automatically assign to those two different patterns. This is possible with a midi keyboard. Not sure why NI wouldn't enable this for external inputs.

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