Unable to Download Kontakt 7 on MacOS Due to Insufficient Disk Space

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RE: Native Access Version 3.1.0

A like new MacBook Pro showing 97.88 GB Available for download of 121 GB

Kontakt Factory Library 2 39 GB space needed


I know there are many earlier discussions surrounding this topic. But, I just purchased Kontakt 7 a few days ago. I have a Mac and I use the FL Studio 21 DAW. I had Kontakt Player, and I was eager the add more instruments. I contemplated on whether to purchase this expensive package, but I did it anyway. Now I cannot load this library. I wiped my computer of my old MacOS to clear space. Yet, I am getting the same error message. It's been impossible and I wasted time updating to a new OS to create space. Now, I am getting a message asking me to locate the path for the library 2. I would appreciate if Native support will assist me with finding a solution here. And help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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