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Hi there,

I bought the S2 MK3 and trying to connect to Ipad Pro. But it will not work. Is it true the that the MK3 is not supportet with an Ipad? But why is there an Usb Port on the back of the S2?

pls help.thx



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @2leet this thread might answer your question:

    I can't connect S2MK3 to ipad pro (3rd generation)

    Hope it helps!

  • 2leet
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    However, there was no solution. Firmware is up to date. I used a friends M1 I-pad Pro to test it. I thought to buy an older Ipad but I cant really say which one? ...

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    Did you tried to plug the S2 to a hub before plug in the hub into the iPad?

    Almost with lightning based iPads these things mattered (but doing it properly makes it bulletproof)

    Also visit forum to find other iPad musicians that could help you.

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