Feature Request: Custom Chord & Note Palette

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Massive NI user here with using Maschine MK3 and maxed out Komplete 14 Ultimate.

I love the chord pallettes and scales given to us, but I'm a musician who generally writes on an instrument and then brings my idea into Maschine.

A few additions I think that are necessary to be able to free people from finding melody and chord movements within the confines you have provided us are:

***Give us the ability to create our own chord pallettes. Check out Cubase's later rendition of chords. You can choose the voicing up through the octave and can add your modifiers (aug, dim, etc). I'd love to be able to drag and drop my own crafted chords to individual pads in the chords section. This would also allow us to do a key change on the same lot of pads because we'd also be able to choose the root note. We could colour code each chord to give us visual groups, perhaps for each section of a song.

***Very similar idea but with scales and individual notes. Allow us to assign portions of scales or specific notes to each pad. There are so many times that to reach that note I want, I'd have to switch octave for one note in a scale because we are locked with many notes if a scale we don't want. Why not let us select a notes for each pad of an instrument? The ability to do this separately for individual instruments would then allow us to do things like playing bass hooks that change in key or scale, allow us to do key changes within split seconds for portions of a melody.

I understand that a lot of people may like the restraints of working in an old school interface, but I like musical options and freedom and so often I find my compositions restrained by the chord and note abilities of the Maschine.

Otherwise, thanks for all the terabytes of great noise, NI!


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