Traktor Pro (2&3) & Windows 11

Hi all.

I want to share with you some problems I've suffered with Windows 11 and Traktor Pro Software (2 & 3) and why I don't recommend you update to Windows 11 today.

Some weeks ago I've noticed some audio issues when I was mixing more than an hour: suddenly appears some clipping noise in certain tracks. In my first check I've modified samples and milisecs from Traktor Z2 settings software with no success. After that I opened these tracks in another music player and the clipping noise didn't appear. I thought it was something wrong on my PC and I've formatted the SSD and reinstalled Windows 11 to try it again when I have some free time.

Today I've tried again: I've started to mix and again the clipping sound in some tracks.

I searched on NI Forums and there it says Traktor Pro 2 it was not supported on Windows 11 (it's strange because I had Windows 11 and Traktor Pro 2 was running since reading this post). So I thought these clipping problems were caused by Windows 11 and the non-compatibilty with Traktor Pro 2, and I decided to update to Traktor Pro 3 but guess what: it happened again with the same tracks.

Tonight I decided to downgrade my PC to Windows 10 a run the same test and now it works correctly.

My PC is a OMEN Laptop with the folling specs:

  • Ryzen 7 5800
  • NVIDIA 2060
  • 2 SSD: 250GB (for running Windows) + 1TB (for storage and backups)

And I have the Traktor Z2 mixer.

I don't know if it's a problem with Ryzen USB drivers or the performance on Windows 11 (CPU usage was 10-15% with video recording running 🤔) or some bug from Traktor on Windows 11... But I feel I've wasted 50€ on the Traktor 3 updat...

I don't recommend you update to Windows 11 nowadays, it seems Windows 11 and Traktor are not 100% compatible.


  • Dj b
    Dj b Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I’m having same issue on certain track the volume increases then decreases back and forth it’s annoying and I can’t use traktor pro 2 with windows 11🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 2,193 Expert
    edited July 2023

    Windows 11 and Traktor are fully compatible, on most systems at least.

    Traktor 2 not supported, means that they can not provide any help or support in case of problems, but it works, on Win 10 at least.

  • partofthepuzzle
    partofthepuzzle Member Posts: 18 Member

    FWIW, Traktor 2 would not install on my ASUS Windows 11 laptop. I tried the usual Compatibility options in Windows but they didn't help. There may be some other workarounds but I just went ahead with Traktor 3. I prefer the much cleaner interface of Traktor 2 but otherwise Traktor 3 has been fine for me.

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