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Hey guys

So...lemme get this straight...the sampler works as in independent deck by itself once you select that deck as a remix deck but if I change it to a track deck and change it back to remix all my loaded samples are gone 😫. I'm new to Traktor and I have been using virtual dj for years...simple and powerful...decided to get the S4 controller and get familiar with TRAKTOR PRO 3, but the more I use this software the more I am seeing its for y'all EDM DJs and not single track music like what myself plays. How exactly do I load a personalized DJ drop without always having to go back in and set it up again in the remix decks of C&D? Isn't there a dedicated section for Samplers that doesn't changed when the program is closed and reopened? Also I may load one dj drop and it sounds fine but in the next slot the DJ drop's (tempo/bpm) is drastic increased or decreased and obviously sounds awful. Man that is frustrating😫...I said I must not be doing something right cause it's so unpredictable. Someone please help. If I can get my samples to stay in one place and plays just fine I'll be so happy. 😊


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    this might be a good request for the developers, some "save state after changing deck engine/player whatever", but can´t you just open a remix set and it converts the deck if necessary. At least it works with the mouse and drag and drop but im pretty sure it´s the same with a controller.

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    Im not sure what you mean...within the software if you change the C&D deck say for example from remix deck to a track deck everything that you did prior in the remix deck is gone. Im saying why not just have a dedicated SAMPLE section. No change original one drop effects that's all I'm asking.

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    Just wondering when you’ll be able to run Stems like it was intended to be used. My Friend is running Serato and just updated to Serato 3.0. It is amazing. I’ve been with native instruments for years with Maschine Mikro mkII and Traktor. But that Serato 3.0 is truly a game changer. Not for sure if you seen it or not. But check it and let me know what you think. I just feel if, Traktor can get this right, people wouldn’t want to leave. The funny thing is Traktor was of the ones if not the first to create Stems.

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    • It's on the roadmap
    • Wrong thread?
    • In the meantime you can use somehting like NuoStems to separete your mp3s into traktor stem files.

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    The Stems feature does work as it was intended to be used, which is playing separate tracks in a Stems format file. It's not the same as what other DJ software is calling "stems" which is splitting out full tracks into vocal/bass/drums etc. Hopefully NI get the splitting implemented at some point as controllers like the S8/S5/D2/F1 already have independent level controls so the hardware is already good to go!

    I've not tried NuoStems yet, although I keep meaning to when I get a minute. My only worry is that when you recombine all four stems the track doesn't sound the same as the original.

    -- Mike

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