Would like to update V Collection, but license is at Arturia

Krister Nielsen
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I own V Collection 7 which I bought via the Arturia website back in 2019. Currently NI are having a €99 update sale for VC9 that I would like to take part off. Problem is that my license is over at Arturia.

So when I'm logged into my NI account and try to buy the update I get this message:

“This update only works for registered users of Arturia V Collection 1-7.”

Arturia is selling the same upgrade for €149, but hey... €50 is quite a lot to save is possible; is there any way to make this work?


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Krister Nielsen I double checked, some of the updates would be available even if you bought the bundle elsewhere. My apologies for carrying out wrong information. Please get in touch with our order support agents to be 100% sure: https://bit.ly/NISupport_OP


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