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I'm loving my new Maschine+ but I am finding the file management system super limiting.

Is there a way that I can delete projects?

Can I rename a project?

Google search suggests that the only way to do this is to connect the Maschine to my PC in storage mode and mess with files natively. Can't say I love that because renaming a file result in the project failing to load when I attempt to load it on my Maschine 😢



  • tribepop
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    If you’re talking about being able to rename and delete files within the M+ controller in standalone mode, the answer is no. You can’t rename files but you can rename projects, you just have to save them as a new project.

    I wish there was the ability to delete files in standalone mode because a lot of times I’ll throw a big sample pack onto the SD card and then go through it on the M+ so it would be nice to delete files on the fly as I’m browsing or at least be able to mark them for deletion the next time I hook it up to a PC in storage mode.

  • BrandonMathis
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    Appreciated @tribepop, I thought I was loosing my mind trying to find this functionality 🙈

  • ozon
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    You can ERASE files in the BROWSER.

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