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hello friends,

we can manage previously recorded rhythms with remix decks. With the step sequencer mode, we can create the rhythms of single beat sounds. So, can we navigate between scenario mode and ready scenarios?

I am giving detailed information for you:

With remixdecks, we can manage package sounds and rhythms cannot be changed. With step sequencer mode, we manage the deck, which is actually remix decks, in the steps view with a second view thanks to mapping. He remembers what we put there for us and shoots them regularly. This is an advanced version of remix decks in philosophy but essentially the same deck. If we are to criticize one thing, it is very difficult to use and manage different sounds since we can display only one channel on the pads in the deck. Can a scenario mode be created with a new look and memorization, which is an upper version for remix decks that I want to consult you with today? In this way, with a more advanced mode, each pad will keep a scenario in its memory and if we want, we can switch to the step sequencer screen of arranging the beats in it. we will be able to make the sequence when we want, and we will be able to navigate between the scenarios we have lined up. Forgive me for introducing too many innovations in the community during these times.

Am I thinking of something wrong or is a real potential at hand?

In a live performance I followed today, I saw that the artist took the whole day with variations of the harmonious rhythm. popular pieces were playing, but there was another music that was always in the background, entering every rhythm that connected them all together.

that person was david guetta.

I guess that studio put the sounds into the music because the setup requires it, but if we have a remix deck, a set where you can record different sequences and navigate between scenarios is possible. a complete british knife.

what do you think?

is such a mapping possible?

Where is the layer player in this?

Am I dreaming wrong?


I am using sampler mode which cannot be changed with the available possibilities. I think of it as a packaged scenario mode and it provides fast use.

please forgive me for my bad english...



  • Kayya
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    I am serious about this. It does not attract attention, probably because its usage rate is very low.

  • Stevan
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    It sounds like you want to create a lot of different presets for the patterns playing.

    It is possible to add IN and OUT for each of the 16 steps for the sequencer. You only need to map it and then tell which step will be turned ON or OFF when a button is pressed. I have this in my JAM mapping for Remix Decks.

  • Kayya
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    nice comment. we have the information that scenarios feature can be added to single hits with mapping. I was guessing that the software supports this. Your choice of jam device is very good for this job. You navigate between scenarios on existing top pads.

    While the scenario is selected, you can change the beats in it, right?

    My location was to set it up with the f1 device. was to see the sequence of strokes with a single key while we were on the scenarios screen. (since our pads are few in number) it is possible to see the scenarios from one of them and the sequence from the other, with multiple f1 devices, if possible. I believed it was possible with your writing.

    Would it be correct to move this to the requests section and wait for it to arrive officially?

    If I'm not mistaken, this is how the real mission of the remix deck is revealed. How do we know, maybe there is a mod that does the alignment with our strokes from the pads in the mapping. :) support all of them but they didn't give it.

  • Stevan
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    You can definitely change the pattern (steps) at any time in your mapping or even by using a different controller.

    It is also possible to record the steps using the same commands - problem with that is you cannot trigger a sound in real time (like with remix decks) but the playhead will trigger them in the sequence.

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 163 Advisor

    I think you showed how to do it :) I'm not very knowledgeable about this. I'm very bad at mapping. I was thinking of submitting this to the tractor team as a suggestion :)

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