NI Traktor with S4 MK3 - Does not play next song - in live session

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Hi everyone,

Sometimes I have the problem that the next song just does not play. I can load it into the deck and the display also shows me everything normally. When pressing play however nothing happens.

This happens every now and then after some time. Restarting Traktor solves the problem but is not really an option when being live.

I have a video link where you can see the problem:

On deck A a song is playing, I load the next song in deck B and want to play it. Unfortunately without success.

This happens with all songs that I load in deck B. No matter if from a playlist or directory.

Otherwise the S4 MK3 - Traktor - Fujitsu Lifebook combination works without any problems.

It doesn't happen often (1-2x with several hours of running time). I could not recognize a pattern either (certain song etc.).

Maybe someone knows what the problem is or what I can do in such a situation besides turning off the music and restarting the software.

Software is of course up to date.

Thank you.


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    Touch and move the jog for a quick moment.


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