Can Kontakt6 and Kontakt7 Player be both installed without issues?

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Hi, as the title says ..

(Im on Intel Mac)

I have Kontakt 6 and don't want to go to 7 at this stage, but I want to try Hypha and its in NA waiting to be installed along with the 7 Player.

Also if I go to full 7 will it overwrite Player 7 or should I uninstall it first?




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    I downloaded K7 Player to try Hypha(freeforareason). You can have 5/6 and 7 installed.

    Bet you had it installed by 1AM. 🙂

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    Be aware that Kontakt 7 Player will override/hijack existing Kontakt Full instances in your project(s):

    That said, uninstalling the Player version will usually fix this issue, but still... it's an annoyance imo.

    Kontakt 7 won't automatically replace its Player version, but since you wouldn't need the Player anymore anyway, you can just uninstall it.

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    Thanks for that guys


    Well went to check out things in NA (1) and hypha and the Player were in the UNINSTALLED area. I didn't want to install anything yet but did a few updates while I was in NA.

    So this morning I open KK in Logic and theres no Kontakt 6 but only a K7Player thumbnail. I repeat I didn't even download the thing. However I had no problems with any of my products in demo mode. I checked in Applications and its Kontakt 6. Theres no Player there. Why would there be an thumbnail in KK for it if its not installed and if its installed where would I find it??? Grrrrr.

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    Update - I still need help to fix what happened to my Kontakt 6. I still can't find any Kontakt 7/ Kontakt 7 Player Application to uninstall.

    Im on Kontakt 6.7.1 - BigSur 11.7.2. I still haven't updated the last KK.

    Copying/quoting my post from Hypha thread:

    As far as I can see @Monochrome is right. Somehow Kontakt 7 (player???) has hi-jacked K6 in KK and yet it says in NA1 its NOT installed. Something doesn't add up here and if Hypha only can be downloaded via NA2 then why does it show up in NA1?

    PLease help me get rid of K7 in KK. Hopefully these 4 screenshots explain my predicament, and just to add, Kontakt standalone is K6 as is the version in Applications.

    1/ If I Load a Kontakt instrument in KK such as Hybrid keys and edit the view to show Kontakt, then click on its little icon its Kontakt 6

    2/ Loading Kontakt into Logic is Kontakt 6

    3/ If I navigate straight to Kontakt in KK its Kontakt 7 and if click on the first preset it opens in Kontakt 7

    4/ NA1 says Kontakt 7 Player is NOT installed

  • Gee_Flat
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    Check the NI folder with the 64 bit plugins folder. Look at the modified and creation dates on the kontakt.dll files. I encountered a weird problem.

    And yes, after uninstalling 7, KK shows Kontakt 7 and all the new thumbnails, same as you.

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    @Gee_Flat thanks for your response. Pretty sure .dll (dynamic link library) is a windows thing?

    The first thing I did was look for a K7 application in every place I could think of and when that gave nothing, then I looked at the timestamps on anything on K6. The latest I can find is around May last year (created or modified). I've just looked again using NI's list of places to go to, to uninstall things. This turns up nothing. I cant uninstall K7 because I cant find it and I didn't install it to begin with. The only thing I downloaded was not through NA but from NI site. It was supposedly a link to Hypha but instead I got a NA2 .dmg. I didn't install it.

    As far as I can see, the only thumbnail changed in my whole K13 UCE list (in KK) is the Kontakt one shown in my 3rd screenshot.

    Hopefully someone can help me get this mess fixed.


  • Gee_Flat
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    Built my first application using dynamic Link Libraries in 1998, so I know what it is. :) Just a reference. I think the K7 plugin extension is .vst3 and therefore ubiquitous.

    Did you updatae KK when in Access?

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    Well you know more than me :) - hence the question mark. I just kinda see these when I've poked around in Windows. I don't see them on Mac. Im on Logic and it doesn't use VST, just AU. I wonder if I should uncheck all those VST settings in KK? I haven't changed anything there and pretty much have left things at their defaults as Im still pretty new to the NI ecosystem and dont want to change what I don't understand.

    No I haven't updated KK yet as I can't see how that would cause K7 to download and install all by itself, but maybe Im wrong? What I did try is what others have said in similar threads. Check, Dont load the latest plugins in Prefs. It didn't help tho. It sounds like theres variants of this K7 thing taking over. What may be different with mine is I didn't install K7 to begin with or that others can find it to uninstall but I can't. IIRC, someone said something about it installed when they updated some products. I updated about 9 of them so maybe thats what happened.

    I'm not sure if theres other Mac users facing these issues with K7 taking over.

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