Bug? Loading Kontakt 7 Player instead of full version Kontakt 5

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Hi, I am wondering if there's a way around this. Got a project in Maschine 2. Using mostly Kontakt instruments.

I'm using a couple newer libraries that require Kontakt 7. I only have the player. I do not have, want, or can afford Kontakt 7 full version

My libraries requiring full version of Kontakt, for which I have Kontakt 5, work just fine in Kontakt 5.

Until I save and reopen ... then the libraries that require full Kontakt get put in demo mode .. as Maschine is loading the Kontakt 7 Player.

In order for me to continue working, I have to change several tracks back manually, including settings.

I thought I found the clue last night, but apparently not .. and yes I have confirmed that in Preferences, "Load Latest Version of NI Plugins" is unticked.

Please help! Thanks for any ...


  • Mizamook
    Mizamook Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    I should point out also that I uninstalled Kontakt 7 Player, and the Kontakt 5 tracks loaded just fine. So I "know" for sure that I have Kontakt 5 full version loaded on those tracks, and the newer libraries don't play in Kontakt 5 ... I've tried.

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