Alternatives to automating time signature in Maschine

jkq2010 Member Posts: 26 Helper
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Is there an alternative way to allow for time signature changes in Maschine? If anyone has any ideas regarding this I would appreciate it!



  • Cretin Dilettante
    Cretin Dilettante Member Posts: 116 Advisor

    change grid resolution and manually count out beat/bar lengths. someone taught me that you can hold shift on the controller while changing pattern length to get a more precise loop point, so if you are willing to do a little work, you can make time changes work.

  • jkq2010
    jkq2010 Member Posts: 26 Helper

    Thanks man I appreciate it. I tried using Maschine as slave in ableton and used Live to automate time signature changes. It does not work properly which is a huge shame.

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