How can I tell if Maschine install is for Intel or Apple Silicon?

Jimmy Lazers
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Might seem like a strange question...

I was running Maschine early last year on my then new M1 MacBook Pro. I assume it was through Rosetta (although I never had to use the option to run using Rosetta). I recently upgraded Maschine using Native Access to what I assume is the now native M1 version. However, I am not fully sure that the new install is the older Intel version or not. So, is there a way of checking this?

The reason I ask is because Maschine is doing some weird stuff like not allowing me to use any of the Arturia plugins, which are all native M1 versions. They run without any problems at all in Ableton.

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  • JesterMgee
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    Issue is likely if you are trying to run the NKS file from the Maschine browser it is calling the VST2 plugin and Arturia have not (yet....) updated their NKS/Plugins to auto switch to the VST3 plugin version. You will likely find if you manually select the VST3 plugin it will load fine in Maschine as it does in Live.

    The solution iis to wait until the Arturia NKS stuff has been updated.

  • Ed M
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    Exactly, Arturia has to update their NKS library.

    To get around the error message for now, you can open Maschine in Rosetta mode (go to Apps, Native Instruments, Maschine 2, right-click on Maschine, select "show info", and there check "Open with Rosetta")

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