Record multiple external synths in realtime and control them with Maschine

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Hi, I wanted to know if there is a daw that is perfectly interfaced with Maschine and that allows me to record loops in real time with my external synths.

Basically I want to record audio loops in real time with my keyboards and then control them with Maschine in order to take advantage of the pattern mixing typical of Maschine.

what do you recommend me to do?



  • Peter Harris
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    If you mainly want to use Maschine as a looper I think you'll fine it's not ideal for that. There are no easy ways for example to use external pedals to easily and repeatedly trigger stops and starts of recordings like can be easily done with a basic foot switch activated loop pedal.

    On the other hand, if recording MIDI data from your external synths or playing back patterns to your outside gear would suffice, M could be well suited. And you can do all kinds of cool automation with midi CC's and lock states.

    Something along the lines of your original question could probably be done in Reaktor but it is going to require some work to build the ensembles, unless there's something in the Reaktor user library that someone already built.

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