Servicing Maschine MK3 or Buy a New One?

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Hey everyone.

I'm trying to give Maschine another go and integrate it into my workflow, by using it like classic samplers were used from the 80s to mid 2000s and starting beats on it before transferring it to my DAW (Logic Pro) and then adding extras and mixing there.

However, I've had my Maschine for a few years now and the pads are heavily worn as are the knobs.

• The matte coating on Pads 1, 2 and 3 have worn off and has become very grippy

• Some buttons are not very clicky anymore.

• Pad 16 isn't very sensitive and Pad 2 double triggers often.

• One screen is washed out and

• Many of the knobs are incredibly loose which is frustrating to say the least.

Does anyone know if I can source some of these parts myself or would I have to get it repaired by NI? I asked a while ago to repair it and I was quoted up to €219 which is just under half the cost of a new one, which financially makes sense, but I can't be without my Maschine for too long as it's used everyday.


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    Does anyone know if I can source some of these parts myself or would I have to get it repaired by NI?

    • No idea what could fix the lack of coating on pads, never heard of such an issue.
    • Clicky switches are cheap and finding some the same size shouldn't be hard but soldering would prob be a PITA.
    • Sensitivity / double triggers are usually fixed by cleaning the sensor sheet.
    • Replacing the screen might be the hardest thing to solve, it's the hardest component to access from my small experience disassembling an MK3, I am not 100% sure but I think it requires removing the top transparent acrylic cover (if this is correct heat would be required and heat + acrylic is bad combo, a heat gun might easily warp it), and also, the ribbon connector cable might be hard to find
    • I've replaced knobs before on my MK3, worked fine, and the replaced one never got loose again. The knobs are about 5$ each (Link shaft is shorter but works fine).

    Personally, I'd start by cleaning the sensor sheet with some isopropyl alcohol as the Pad issue is the only thing that has a major impact on the ability to work... But that's a lot of issues to fix yourself, not worth the hassle unless you have some experience with electronics and the tools and consumables already. Lead-free solder + tiny components used by pro companies is a bit of a pain to deal with.

    I feel like 219€ is sort of a fair price if they fix it all; just know the knobs will get looser again over time.

    Used market price is usually between 300-400€, I guess you could hunt for someone selling one without software which is worth less in the case of not wanting to stay without your controller while it gets fixed, this has it's risks if not bought locally and personally tho.

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