Monark Mini

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edited October 2022 in Reaktor

I just updated this block:

There is a now small gray dot at the bottom left hand corner of the block which brings up a new snapshots panel. There are 8 snapshots which you can recall and edit, just by selecting the numbers (same as nano pack snapshots). You can also load different presets (using the menu in the block’s title bar) into each of the 8 snapshots.

try this:

  1. open the snapshots panel (small grey dot at bottom left corner)
  2. select a preset from menu in the title bar (snapshot will change colour to show its been modified)
  3. do this for all 8 snapshots so each one has a different sound, tweak each sound if desired
  4. connect pitch and gate from note in block and connect modulation wheel to the ‘SNAPSHOTS’ port to select the snapshots

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