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Happy new year

I have quite a lot of Libraries in NI format. Some are not in Native Access.

1) Is it now possible to pay a small amount so they are in Native Access ?

2) How do I find that a lib is not available in Native Access ? special extension ?

Thanks in advance for your help




  • Vocalpoint
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    Not exactly sure what you mean by "NI Format". That is not a format.

    Can you specify some examples of "libraries" of yours are not in Native Access?


  • Kubrak
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    If you speak about old EOL Libraries, you must go to NA2 Settings and set that old SW should be displayed. And also, maybe you have to insert Licence Numbers of those Kontakt Libraries to NA2. But maybe it is not needed and NA2 loads imformation about your licences from your NI user account. I am not sure, if NA2 "knows" or licence info has to be entered by user.

  • cyril
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    Thanks for your answers

    I did not explain myself very well, English is not my mother thong language

    my question is :

    Some librairies do not need the payable version of Kontakt so there are not in Native Access.

    How can you find them so you can add them with the "Quickload" option



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